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ENGin is a global nonprofit building a future in which every Ukrainian speaks fluent, conversational English. We aim to connect Ukraine to the world to propel postwar reconstruction

and long-term economic and social development.

ENGin student and volunteer connected on the Ukrainian map


It opens doors for Ukrainians...

Learning English helps Ukrainians build confidence: ENGin students use language skills to pursue new opportunities in their education and careers. ENGin’s weekly one-on-one conversations also offer a chance to find a friend across the world and a safe space to process the trauma of war.

…and for Ukraine.

On a national scale, Ukraine’s future depends on successful international collaboration – foreign expertise, investment, tourism, and partnerships. Each volunteer-student pair we create is a thread tying Ukraine to the world, laying the foundation for a free, prosperous future. 


ENGin’s high-impact, cost-effective program is the only one of its kind in Ukraine. 

We provide near-universal access by creating a program open to any Ukrainian, anywhere, anytime. Students set their own schedules and connect directly with a fluent English speaker from their phone or laptop. 

We maximize our impact by offering one-on-one practice for every student. This approach increases speaking time for students and allows volunteers to fully customize sessions for each student’s needs. Students make significant progress in just a few months. 

We dream big - the ENGin program and its students will transform the entire country.

ENGin is committed to reaching an entire generation of Ukrainian, making English fluency

a norm in Ukraine.

ENGin Student Olena K
I met an amazing woman who has become more than a teacher to me. She not only teaches me English, she morally supports me after every bombing of Kyiv or the Dnipro, advises resources, projects, even helps with advice in raising a child."
Time is the most valuable thing that each of us has. Thank you for every hour of YOUR TIME you share with us.
                                                                                - Olena K, ENGin Student
I’m extremely grateful to this program and everyone doing it.
It is such a cool opportunity for Ukrainians to develop speaking skills in English, find a new friend from another country, and have some mental support, which is crucial now. 
Kateryna, ENGin student (with her volunteer Xavier)
Kateryna, ENGin student (with her volunteer Xavier)
Oksana, ENGin Student
Dear ENGin team, I do not know what secret method did you use, but it works. My match is the best one! I cannot imagine anyone else – she leads me and helps to turn my challenges into small victories.
ENGin is made with love and it is reflected in every small detail.
                                                                                        - Oksana, ENGin Student


At any given moment, there are over 200 Ukrainians waiting for a spot in our program.

You can help by making a donation to cover the cost of their participation, joining our network of volunteers, or spreading the word about the program.


Help cover program costs for Ukrainians to achieve English fluency, meaningful connections across cultures, and a path to a better future.


Join our network of more than 16,000 volunteers

and help Ukrainians improve their English.

Spread the word about ENGin’s work in your network!

We provide flyers, text, and images to make it easy.


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