Board of Directors

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Katerina Manoff


Katerina has 5+ years experience teaching English and managing online language learning programs. She has also helped launch multiple nonprofit and for-profit initiatives in the education space. She holds a Master's in Education from Harvard University.  

Mariana Tretiak


Marianna is a first-generation Ukrainian-American from Philadelphia with over a decade of experience as a writer and producer in the  entertainment industry. She currently serves as Chair of the  Advocacy Committee at the Ukrainian National Women's League Of America, the largest Ukrainian women’s organization in the US. Marianna also manages the mentor team at the Ukrainian-American nonprofit Ukraine Global Scholars and is an active member of Columbia's Alumni Representative Committee.  Marianna holds a BA from Columbia University, MFA from University of Southern California & MBA from Drexel University.

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Kim Richards


Kim is a management consultant focused on digital / emerging technology strategy and transformation. She has over a decade of experience in the consulting industry and is currently a managing director at Accenture. Kim holds a BS in Engineering and a BS in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Yana Rathman

Yana was born in Kyiv, Ukraine and came to SF in 1989 with her parents who were refuseniks.

She had a professional career in Silicon Valley ( PwC, Oracle, E.piphany, Cisco) while volunteering as community activist in the local Jewish Community.  Raising two kids in the new country Yana became interested in education.  She graduated from the Masters in Instructional Technologies program in San Francisco State University and has been involved with many educational initiatives locally and in Ukraine.  She served as an advisory board member for Center for Innovation Education ProSvit, assisted in bringing world's best courses for teachers to Ukraine via Prometheus online platform, helped to adopt US invention and entrepreneurship curriculum to the needs of Ukrainian students, was involved with promoting Holocaust education and other innovating educational projects fostering education reform in Ukraine.  


David Shapiro

David Shapiro is the founder of Fluid, a film and music production company based in Manhattan. As a composer and producer he was responsible for numerous award-winning television commercials for brands such as ESPN and Converse, and the Oscar-Award winning film, Michael Clayton.

After selling Fluid, David returned to college to get a degree in mathematics for secondary education. He then joined the staff at Hope High School, providing academic and career support for at-risk students. He is also a proud board member of Blueprint Education, a nonprofit that provides alternative education options in Phoenix, AZ.

David resides in Carlsbad, CA and is the father of three children. He is a volunteer tutor for ENGin and in his spare time can be found playing his guitar and ukulele.