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 Handbook for Current Volunteers

  Practical Information             

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Training video: New ENGin volunteers may watch this training video in lieu of attending the Zoom training. This video contains useful information that can also serve as a refresher course for current volunteers.

Program Rules: Our rules can be found here

New Volunteer Quiz: After you are accepted to ENGin, please review all 5 sections of the handbook OR attend a Zoom training. Then be sure to complete our mandatory quiz. 

Video Tutorials on Using Zoom and Google Meet:

Learn a bit about our mission, our history, and how your work with ENGin is helping change lives!​

If you're interested to read more about ENGin's story, check out the article here

Chat with Other ENGin Volunteers: We invite you to join one of our online volunteer communities to ask questions, share ideas, and get advice. You may choose your preferred platform from the following:

Training Videos: Please be sure to watch all videos if you have not attended an ENGin Zoom training.