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We are excited to welcome you to our pilot program for Ukrainian educators! We are so grateful to every volunteer who has signed up for this brand-new initiative and are always happy to hear your feedback at Some important notes about these session plans:

🕰Preparation time commitment: We recommend you dedicate around 20 mins to review the materials prepared for each session. However, if you're short on time, you can always choose to explore the materials together with your student during the session.

📌Topics: the program covers a wide range of topics relevant to teachers in Ukraine. You will not be familiar with all (or even most) topics! You're not expected to teach your paired educator about these topics - rather, you will both explore and discover them together.😃

💻Technology skills: We do not expect volunteers to have specialized technology skills! While some sessions may involve exploring edtech tools, you can navigate these together with your paired educator, ask them to take the lead in mastering and showing you a particular tool, or opt for the suggested low-tech alternative. 

*Please, note that this page will be regularly updated with new session materials*

📝 Program Plan


Session 1: Welcome on Board. Intro Session

Session 2: 21st Century Educators: Challenges and Expectations

Session 3: Lifelong Learning for Educators


Session 4: Education All Over The World


Session 5: Practical Session: Pitching Your Ed Reform


Session 6: Unlocking Learning: Exploring Modern Education Approaches

Session 7: Creativity And Innovation In Education

Session 8: Practical Session: Creativity And Innovation In Education


Session 9: Learning and Teaching Modes

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