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Blossoming Through Borders: The Inspiring Journey with ENGin of Illustrator Ganna Sereda

ENGin student Ganna Sereda

Meet Ganna Sereda, the talented illustrator hailing from the vibrant city of Kharkiv, Ukraine! Since joining the ENGin program in 2022, she has embarked on an incredible journey of growth and transformation. At first, she was shy, but with the support of her amazing volunteer and friend, she bloomed into a confident conversationalist!

Through their weekly interactions, Ganna explored the fascinating world of USA culture while sharing her heartwarming stories about Ukrainian traditions, delicious food recipes, and the resilient spirit of her people during times of war.

As an ENGin student, she had the wonderful opportunity to answer questions from curious children in South Carolina. Her insights into Ukrainian life, games, education, and the enchanting city of Kharkiv left young minds across the ocean in awe.

Ganna Sereda was the speaker on the online lesson at schoolin South Carolina.

And who doesn't love a delightful exchange of goodies? Ganna sent a delightful package of Ukrainian chocolates and sweets to her volunteer's family by mail, sparking joy and delight across the ocean. In return, she received sweet treasures like peach jam and charming stickers from the USA!

"I’m so happy to have this program in my life. I’m not shy anymore. I feel safe in conversations and ready to talk with the whole world in English. And to talk with clients at my job."

As a seasoned vector illustrator since 2012, Ganna's creative spirit yearns for inspiration from various regions. Working remotely as a graphic designer for the Kharkiv National Karazin University SMM team in Kyiv, she remains steadfast in supporting her city's educational process during challenging times.

Despite the hardships, Ganna remains hopeful, longing to return to her beloved Kharkiv and rebuild her home from the destruction caused by russian missiles. Her unwavering determination fuels her passion for art and her commitment to positively impacting the world.


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