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Bridging Cultures and Hearts: Gauri Subramanian's Journey with ENGin Volunteer Program

Meet Gauri Subramanian, a 15-year-old student from Austin, Texas, USA. She's been on an incredible journey since joining ENGin as a volunteer in 2022.

ENGin volunteer Gauri Subramanian

Gauri vividly remembers the mix of excitement and nerves when she met her

first student partner, Yelizaveta (Liza), last year. While their meetings started out formal, they soon uncovered Liza's love for thrillers and suspense books, which instantly caught Gauri's attention.

Liza, who lives in Germany, shared fascinating insights into their education system, revealing similarities and differences with the US. They even practice German together, as Liza needs it for her future studies, and Gauri learns from

her in return. The language exchange has been an eye-opening experience!

Due to Liza's travel commitments earlier this year, Gauri's path crossed with another incredible student: Mary from Ukraine. Mary's extensive knowledge of Ukrainian history and majestic castles blew Gauri away! Their conversations now span various topics, from education and history, to personal lives, favorite shows, and future dreams. Mary's aspiration to open a school for international students has truly inspired Gauri.

Working with both Liza and Mary has been a stroke of fortune for Gauri. Each weekly meeting is filled with engaging discussions about books, movies, higher education, and college plans. ENGin has blessed Gauri with the chance to connect and collaborate with incredible individuals, and she couldn't be more grateful. Joining this program opens doors to new cultures, reminding us of our shared humanity.

Inspired by Gauri's story? Take the leap and join ENGin!

Embrace the chance to meet incredible people, broaden your horizons,

and make a positive impact.


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