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Bridging Worlds: Empowering Lives Through Global Volunteering with ENGin

ENGin volunteer Robin Deans

Meet Robin Deans, a 40-year-old Technical Program Manager from Charlotte, North Carolina, who has found a new sense of purpose through volunteering with ENGin.

After being inspired by Arianna Huffington’s book Thrive, Robin decided to give back to others; this is where she found ENGin. Our program really speaks to her - the convenience of volunteering from the comfort of her home but having such an impact on the lives of those in war-torn Ukraine.

After applying, Robin was quickly matched with Yura, a 24-year-old from Western Ukraine who works at a computer store. They hit it off right away and started chatting on Telegram.

"Yura was excited to be messaging with a native English speaker for the first time, and I was thrilled to be connecting with someone across the world."

Their first call was a huge success, and they set some goals for Yura's English language learning.

"Yura is interested in learning English idioms and business lingo, so we're going to start watching 'The Office' and analyzing it during our calls."

Robin Deans hosted a comedy show fundraiser for ENGin in Charlotte.

Recently Robin Deans hosted a comedy show fundraiser for ENGin in Charlotte.

It was great fun, and five local volunteers came - all were surprised to learn that they live within a 2-mile radius of each other! In addition to giving the audience some hearty laughs, the show raised over $3,000 for the program!

Overall, Robin highly recommends ENGin to anyone looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity.

"It's been so rewarding to connect with someone from a different culture and make a real impact on their life."


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