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From Vinnitsa to Miami: A Journey of Language and Friendship

Mariia Komar, a proud ambassador of ENGin, hails from the central part of Ukraine, Vinnitsa. She's not just a former ENGin student but a language enthusiast, an English teacher, and a translator, making her journey with ENGin all the more fascinating. Her story is a testament to the program's ability to bridge cultures and foster friendships across borders.

ENGin Student Mariia Komar

Discovering ENGin: A TikTok Surprise

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mariia realized her speaking skills were dwindling due to limited social interactions. She decided it was time for a change. Her journey with ENGin began in February 2022 after stumbling upon an advert on TikTok. It was a serendipitous moment that would reshape her language skills and life.

A Connection Beyond Borders

Through ENGin, Mariia was paired with Evelyn, a young woman from Miami. What struck Mariia most was their common ground as peers with shared interests.

"Evelyn and I instantly clicked," Mariia recalls, "We are peers with common interests, and that's what I love most about ENGin. It doesn't just connect you with a native speaker; it connects you with a soulmate from a different corner of the world."

Mariia's weekly sessions with Evelyn were a treasure trove of knowledge. She reminisces about the captivating presentations and quizzes Evelyn crafted.

"She put a lot of effort into coming up with topics that challenged me," Mariia recalls.

These sessions went beyond structured lessons; they often found themselves deep in conversation about everything and nothing, unable to stop. They even had a memorable class together with Evelyn's boyfriend, creating lasting memories of sincere and kind-hearted people.

Friendship Beyond Borders

When the war in Ukraine began, Mariia and Evelyn took a brief pause in their sessions. However, their bond remained unshaken. Mariia knew she could rely on Evelyn, who continually offered support to her and her country.

Mariia's speaking and listening skills flourished during her ENGin journey. She eagerly absorbed every tidbit about life in the USA, its educational system, history, culture, and entertainment. The revelation that Americans can legally drive at 16 left her amused. In return, Mariia shared the truth about the war in Ukraine, dispelling stereotypes and offering a glimpse into her lifestyle. Their exchange of experiences deepened their connection, transforming a mentorship into a true friendship. Mariia now knows she has a friend to visit in Miami.

Spreading the ENGin Magic

As an English tutor, Mariia introduced many of her students to ENGin. She witnessed their passion for learning English and the joy they found in improving their speaking fluency through the program. Her recommendations brought numerous students into the ENGin fold, and during their classes, she delighted in listening to their experiences and funny stories with their language exchange buddies.

Mariia is ecstatic that the captivating world of ENGin opened up to her, allowing her to explore new horizons and form connections she never thought possible. Now, as an ambassador, she's on a mission to share the magic of ENGin with others, proving that language knows no borders and friendships can transcend them.


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