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Shared Journeys: Connecting Hearts and Cultures through ENGin's Language Adventure

Three different students, but all of them are united by a happy journey with ENGin. Immerse yourself in their stories below.

ENGin students Olga, Andrew and Sofia

Meet Olga, a history teacher passionate about languages, books, and art.

For over 3 months, she has been an active participant in the ENGin program. Engaging with her volunteer, Casandra has become integral to her life. They collaborate on presentations about travel, books, national cuisine, and art, discovering their shared interests. From discussing travel and books to exploring national cuisine and art, Olga's sessions have become integral to her life.

Her confidence in English has soared, expanding her worldview along the way.

“Since the beginning of participation in the program, life has changed for the better. I became more confident when speaking in English than I was before. The most important advantage of the program for me is the opportunity to communicate with a native speaker to develop and expand my worldview.”

Andrew, a student and freelance video editor, has been part of ENGin since September 2021. Despite the challenges around, his sessions with his buddy Hanna have been a breath of fresh air. While discussing a wide range of topics, they also touch on the war and life in Ukraine, offering Andrew a space to express himself.

The program has provided Andrew with a completely new communication experience, improving his English skills and overall development. Moreover, Andrew's enhanced listening and understanding skills have proven beneficial

for his work as a video editor with foreign clients.

“We talk a lot during our meetings. Hanna is a very interesting interlocutor. Sometimes we don't notice the time and communicate longer than planned.”

Sofia, a 14-year-old student (now living in Spain), joined ENGin in July 2022. ENGin has been a game-changer for her. The opportunity to meet new people and boost her English-speaking confidence has been priceless. Sofia's sessions with her buddy are filled with thought-provoking conversations and shared opinions on various topics.

Through ENGin, she has gained new vocabulary and improved her language skills, taking her closer to her dreams. With aspirations of becoming an actress or TV reporter, Sofia believes that learning English with ENGin will bring her closer to achieving her goals.

“My favorite part is meeting new people and speaking English more confidently. I enjoy our sessions. We usually share our opinions about different topics. It improved my English and made me more confident speaking it.”

These are just a few stories from ENGin students, highlighting the program's positive influence on their language learning journeys, personal growth, and intercultural connections. Joining ENGin unlocks a world of possibilities!


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