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A list of free educational programs and courses for Ukrainians.

Free online courses to Ukrainian Universities and their students (ends March 24, 2023).

ENGin website Coursera.png

Undergraduates and graduate students can take free online classes at U. Miami for tuition free for spring and fall semesters of 2022.

ENGin website U of Miami Image.jpg

Listing of universities around the world that are offering programs, financial support, and other support services for Ukrainian students and educators.

ENGin website Erudera image.jpg

GBH article about universities that are supporting Ukrainian students.

ENGin website GBH image.png is offering free online courses to Ukrainian students for the foreseeable future (see blog below). I believe the student needs to log in and apply for financial aid to take advantage of the free courses through their university account.

ENGin website edX image.png Offers some free courses to everyone including Ukrainians, but it didn’t appear that they waive fees for Ukrainian students specifically.

ENGin website Udemy image.jpg
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