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ENGin is Hiring!

HR Manager (Part-time, remote position)

ENGin is a global nonprofit organization that aims to connect Ukraine to the world in order to propel its postwar reconstruction and longer-term economic & social development. We’re doing this by pairing Ukrainians with English-speaking volunteers for English conversation practice and intercultural exchange. 


ENGin is one of the most dynamic organizations in its field - launched in 2020, we’ve already served more than 23,000 students.


We’re achieving nationwide change through a bottom-up, personal approach deployed at unprecedented scale: 100,000+ 1-on-1 connections. We aim to create an entire generation of English-fluent, culturally competent Ukrainians ready to rebuild their nation. 


We are looking for a Ukrainian HR manager to join the team.



  • Work experience in HR field is mandatory

  • Experience in team performance evaluation, training and professional development for a growing team will be an advantage

  • Fluent oral and written command of Ukrainian language

  • Fluent oral and written English at the C1 level

  • Excellent communication skills

  • High level of digital skills to work online

  • Access to a stable and fast Internet connection in a quiet, professional environment and a computer/laptop equipped with a video camera and microphone

  • Autonomy and a high level of responsibility: you should be comfortable working without close supervision of every detail. You are expected to proactively communicate with your manager and ask for help when needed, and share your ideas for improvement 

  • Flexibility: you should be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with dynamically changing priorities, processes, etc.

  • Attention to detail



  • Implementation and improvement of personnel policies and procedures such as:

    • Managing vacation and sick day tracking

    • Planning and running online whole-team meetings

    • Maintaining internal calendar - holiday reminders, birthday greetings, meeting reminders 

    • Maintaining team database; collecting all information from employees

    • Monthly salary payments and salary review in cooperation with the accountant 

  • Providing support to managers and employees on HR matters such as performance management, building employee relations, etc.

  • Maintaining accurate and up-to-date employee databases

  • Management of the hiring process for all open positions, including job posting, resume screening, conducting interviews, making job offers, onboarding new employees

  • Development and implementation of a system for performance evaluation of employees and determining their professional development

  • Prevention and resolution of conflicts and problems arising between employees

  • Improvement of corporate culture and communication channels; managing team Telegram chat and team meetings

  • Other administrative tasks as needed

  • Interaction with managers of the organization to develop new ideas and ENGin project initiatives


Working conditions:

  • Official employment

  • Remote job

  • Part-time work (20 hours/week) with the possibility of workload increase based on common agreement

  • Monthly salary - from 23,000 to 31,500 UAH; will be decided based on previous experience and skill set

  • Flexible schedule with a few fixed hours

  • Work experience in an international organization

  • Work in a young and professional team

  • Growth prospects in the organization.


Submission deadline:

We are looking for a candidate to start working as soon as possible, so applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.


If you are interested in applying, please fill out this form.


We will contact ONLY those applicants who pass to the next stage of selection.

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