Volunteer Engagement Partners: If you work with English-speaking students age 14-25 who are looking for meaningful, flexible service opportunities, we'd like to hear from you! We partner with colleges, high schools, and nonprofits across the US and worldwide. Please reach out to to learn more.


Student Engagement Partners: If you work with Ukrainian students age 13-22, we'd love to collaborate to spread the word about our free program. We currently have partnerships with schools, colleges, universities, libraries, youth centers and youth groups all across Ukraine. Please reach out to to learn more.

Strategic Partners: As a new, grassroots organization, we value connections and collaborations with a variety of for-profit and nonprofit organizations to help us run and grow our life-changing program. We have a variety of partnership opportunities and are happy to work with you to figure out mutually beneficial partnership arrangements. Want to chat about how you can support our work? Email  

University Partners (US)

We work with our university partners to arrange volunteering opportunities that meet their service-learning requirements. Our flexible criteria allow nearly any college student to volunteer with us. We can accommodate most student schedules, streamline the application process for your students, and provide documentation / verify volunteer hours. 


Liberty University

University of Michigan

St. John's University

Washington State University


University of Nevada - Reno


University of Nebraska - Lincoln

High School Partners (US)

Our program is the perfect service opportunity for students in the National Honor Society, Key Club, and other organizations with service requirements. We are happy to work with any high school student age 14 or older who is fluent in English, and we can verify volunteer hours as needed.

leo club.png

Troy High School Project LEAD

Glendora High School

LEO Club

Irvington High School

National Honor Society


We collaborate with nonprofits that help connect students to volunteer opportunities. If you are looking to find volunteer opportunities for students age 14 and above, let us know!

Strategic Partners

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Skilled volunteer recruitment partner

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Information/outreach partner