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ENGin Child Protection Policy

ENGin services:
The ENGin program pairs Ukrainians English learners with English speakers across the world for weekly one-on-one online speaking practice. 

ENGin serves Ukrainian-speaking children 9 years and older, and English-speaking volunteer conversation partners, Club leaders, and Ambassadors 14 years and older. The safety of all children involved in ENGin programs, either as students or volunteers is paramount. While ENGin activities and events are conducted almost exclusively online, the organization takes seriously its responsibility to safeguard and protect the children who take part in ENGin programming. The organization’s policies are designed to fulfill this responsibility by serving as guardrails governing entry into the program, access to personal data, and the people with whom children interact through the program. 

Policies and processes:


Parental permission:
Parents of children who participate in ENGin programs must provide written permission for their child(ren) to take part. ENGin communicates directly with parents upon the child’s entry into the program, and regularly throughout the child’s tenure with ENGin. A parent who has a concern about any aspect of their child’s participation should email to alert ENGin personnel who will address the issue. 

Acceptance and onboarding:
All ENGin participants must complete an application form, participate in a video interview, and attend a welcome session (students) or training (volunteers) in which they learn about the rules, guidelines, and expectations for participation. Any participant who does not adhere to these standards will be removed from the program. The video interview is a key component of acceptance into the program. Interviews are required of all students and volunteers, and are conducted by ENGin personnel. These interviews allow ENGin to verify the approximate age and interest of all participants while also ensuring each participant is a good fit for the program.

Peer-to-peer matching:
After completing all the requirements for entry into the program, Ukrainian English learners are paired with volunteers for one-to-one English speaking practice. All participants under the age of 18 are matched peer-to-peer. ENGin personnel match each pair of conversation partners individually to ensure appropriate peer-to-peer connections based on multiple factors including age, gender, and availability. 

Reporting and response:
Parents, students, and volunteers must report any problems or concerns to ENGin by emailing immediately. In accordance with ENGin’s commitment to the principles described above, ENGin personnel will respond swiftly to protect and safeguard all children in its programs. 

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