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Why Practice English with ENGin?

If you want to improve your spoken English but can't afford expensive tutors, ENGin can help!


ENGin pairs young Ukrainians with English speakers across the world for weekly online speaking practice. We want to help you speak English with confidence and interact with people from other cultures, helping you access better academic opportunities and jobs.


Here's what our program offers:

  • Practice speaking English from home: Your speaking buddy will video chat you each week at a convenient time.

  • Connect with peers across the globe: The opportunity for intercultural exchange is one of the best aspects of our program. 

  • Improve your English for free: As a nonprofit initiative, we do not charge our learners for our services. 

  • Get support from the ENGin team: Our team provides materials for your speaking sessions and ongoing support for any issues you have  throughout the program.

Program Duration: Our program duration is 1 year. After 1 year you will be automatically classified as an ENGin alumnus: you will continue to receive program emails and have access to our Telegram chats and communities, online events, and challenges. You can also continue meeting with your volunteer for as long as the volunteer is interested, but we cannot provide individualized customer support or replace your volunteer once they are no longer able to meet with you. 

Am I Eligible?

ENGin has 4 main criteria for learners:


  1. Age: You should be 10-35 years old

  2. English level: You must have studied English and be comfortable with grammar and vocabulary. Lower-level students may be temporarily matched to a Ukrainian volunteer who is fluent in English until they are ready to practice with a volunteer from abroad. 

  3. Commitment: You should be ready to dedicate 1-2 hours a week to ENGin for a minimum of10-12 weeks.

  4. Nationality/Location: We are working with Ukrainian students, including those living in Ukraine and those who left Ukraine recently due to the war. For security reasons, we are not able to work with students currently located in Russia, Belarus, or occupied Crimea. 

How Can I Start?

Please fill out our student application here.

Due to limited resources, we can only process a limited number of student applications every week. If we reach the maximum number of applications for the week, we will notify you when you begin signing up. We reopen applications every Monday morning - at that time, you can return to to continue your application. 

ENGin strives to be inclusive and help people with disabilities practice English. Therefore, if you need support and other conditions for practicing language (for instance, communication by text), email us:

What is the ENGin experience like?


Our team finds a buddy based on your gender, interests, and schedule. We introduce you in an email.


Your buddy will reach out to set up a time for your speaking sessions. You might have one longer session per week (60 minutes) or two shorter sessions (30 minutes each). 


Sessions are focused on informal conversation, giving you maximum speaking time. Topics include social issues, work, travel, movies, music, and more! 


You can contact our team at any time for help or advice, or connect with us on Facebook or Instagram for English tips, resources, and more

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