Meet the ENGin Team

Our experienced and enthusiastic team consists of students and professionals located across the United States and Ukraine. Most of us have personally experienced the challenges of mastering spoken English and the life-changing opportunities that English fluency brings. We are passionate about bringing these opportunities to every motivated student who wants to improve their spoken English.

Katerina Manoff


Katerina has 5+ years experience teaching English and managing online language learning programs. She has also helped launch multiple nonprofit and for-profit initiatives in the education space. She holds a Master's in Education from Harvard University.  

Anya Chan

Program Manager

Anya is a passionate and active participant at Erasmus+ projects and she has experience implementing her own social projects, always eager to help Ukrainian students to develop their English through ENGin and non-formal education. She’s also fluent in 5 languages and a Chinese-English-Ukrainian translator.

Svitlana Dudka

Program Manager

Svitlana has been studying English since secondary school but made significant progress only during the last two years. She is a great example of the principle that speaking is the most effective way to improve skills in a foreign language. She is involved in many educational youth activities and engaged with volunteering in Ukraine's civil society. Currently, Svitlana is getting her PhD in History.

Ernest Protas

Interview Team Lead

Ernest has spent three years working at educational non-profits and striving to improve learning opportunities for Ukrainian students. He also enjoys tutoring English in his free time. He currently attends Amherst College.

Marta Savych


Marta is a psychologist and a passionate language learner. She is currently learning her fifth foreign language and studying for a Master's degree in Оrganisational Psychology. Marta is eager to help ENGin students practice and improve their spoken English and make friends across the globe.

Taya Zhernosiekova

Program Director

Taya is passionate about organizing social projects on various topics and working with volunteers in NGOs. Also, conducting thought-provoking English speaking clubs gives her much pleasure. Activities dedicated to improving socially vulnerable groups' lives strike a chord with her. She is dreaming to learn social psychology one day. Taya truly believes in empathy and people's open curious mind. And she can't live without communication with people, long walks and dancing.

Yana Lagoda

Social Media Manager

Having studied English on her own, Yana understands all the challenges one might face as a beginning English learner. She is excited to grow the ENGin community through social media to help others on this journey.

Gulnaz Madadli

Student & Volunteer Support 

Gulnaz is studying for a Master's degree in Intercultural Communication in Education and the Workplace in Poland. She has a bachelor's degree in philology and a master's in the methodology of teaching. She believes that learning new languages broadens one's horizons. Therefore, she is excited to help students to use ENGin and improve their English.

Vasia Zaretsky

Lead Developer

Vasia lives in Kyiv and is studying biotechnology at Taras Shevchenko National University. He has completed courses at Samsung IT School and He has over 2 years of experience in server, mobile and web development using different languages and is a cofounder and engineer in two startups.

Mykola Popadiuk

Country Director, Ukraine

Mykola is engaged in different educational activities — he is a teacher, trainer, leader and a Project Coordinator of various educational programs and online courses. Especially, he’s involved in civic education and improving the digital skills of Ukrainians. He supports and implements changes in Ukrainian education both locally and nationally. Mykola is in the ENGin team in order to spread the educational opportunities of the program for students and teachers from all the corners of Ukraine.

Nazar Shkurashivskyi

Program Manager

Nazar graduated from Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (Poland) with a bachelor's
degree in Management (specialization “Enterprise Management”). As an ENGin student himself, he's excited to work for the program to help other students achieve their language-learning goals.

Daniil Ozernyi

Curriculum & Assessment Advisor

Daniil is a linguist and an educator whose work includes (co)authoring textbooks, award-winning research in ELT (CLIL), multiple publications, and 1k+ hours of teaching. Most recently, he has switched to research in linguistics and is currently working on problems of generative approaches to second and additive language acquisition and multilingualism.

Anastasiia Yuzyk

Student & Volunteer Support

Anastasiia is a Master's student majoring in International Information and has a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations. During her studies, she attended several conferences and summer schools abroad. Anastasiia is also Erasmus + Alumna. She believes that it is crucial to have a good mentor for learning a foreign language, as well as be surrounded by friends who are fluent in foreign languages. Nastya is ENGin student herself, and thus, she is happy to help ENGin students to achieve English fluency.

Volunteer Leaders

 Volunteer Training Team:

Nina Sivaji
Navya Gullapuram
Matt Kotzen 
Kushi Jakati 
Jane Kim
Janaki Krishna
Cameron Howard
Prisha Agnihotri
Ashlee Tan
Pascale Michaud
Ayman Iqbal
Mason Chen
Katie Fink

Interview Team:

Anika Trehan

Gerany Norori

Iryna Chalapchii

Hannah Tan

Lawrence Park

Sophia Barker

Yulia Kopaliwska

Anhelina Kyrsenko

Progress Test Team:

Shreya Shankar
Saima Ahmed
Alex Kirk
Megha Thomas
Phoebe Dennison
Janaki Krishna
Brooke Anderson

Audrey Yoo

Alexandra Sepe

Website Lead:


Nishi Goyal

Volunteer Engagement Lead:

Audrey Yoo

Student Community Leads:

Sofiia Syzonenko
Jacob Silverman 
Oleksandra Vyshnevska
Alyssa Wilkinson

Volunteer Community Leads:

Olena Rukkas

Alexandra Sepe
Nicole Mazaheri
Yutong Du
Ananya Pendela