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Meet the ENGin Team

Our experienced and enthusiastic team consists of students and professionals located across the United States and Ukraine. Most of us have personally experienced the challenges of mastering spoken English and the life-changing opportunities that English fluency brings. We are passionate about bringing these opportunities to every motivated student who wants to improve their spoken English.

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Katerina Manoff

Founder & CEO

Katerina has 5+ years experience teaching English and managing online language learning programs. She has also helped launch multiple nonprofit and for-profit initiatives in the education space. She holds a Master's in Education from Harvard University.  

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Lana Kostenko

Managing Director

Lana Kostenko is a dynamic leader with a tech industry background rooted in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Based in San Francisco, Lana brings a global perspective, combining her Ukrainian heritage from Kyiv with her experiences in California and the UK.

As Managing Director of ENGin, Lana drives the company's vision and fosters its growth through a collaborative, innovative, and empowering leadership style. She is committed to optimizing teams and unlocking their full potential.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Lana is a passionate advocate for removing barriers to education for young people around the world, particularly in Ukraine.

Lana holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge and is currently pursuing an EMPA (Executive Master in Public Administration) from the London School of Economics (LSE).

photo_2022-09-21 00.04.43.jpeg

Violetta Khlystun

Support Team Lead

Violetta is a manager with more than 6 years of experience in support and communications field. She likes to help people and always do her best to make students and volunteers happy. She likes ENGin because here you can meet a lot of great people from all over the world. It's a great opportunity to know more about different cultures and help Ukrainians to improve their English level.

Erin Hogan.jpeg

Erin Hogan

Volunteer Recruitment Manager

Erin is a nonprofit professional with a passion for motivating volunteers to support social good. She has Bachelor’s degrees in International Affairs and Women’s Studies from the University of Georgia, and strongly believes in the power of international collaboration for a better world. She is excited to support ENGin in connecting volunteers from around the globe to support a prosperous future for Ukraine. In her free time, Erin finds joy in pursuing new artistic hobbies, keeping up with new television shows, and spending time with her cat, Tallulah.


Gulnaz Madadli

Student & Volunteer Support / Operations associate

Gulnaz is studying for a Master's degree in Intercultural Communication in Education and the Workplace in Poland. She has a bachelor's degree in philology and a master's in the methodology of teaching. She believes that learning new languages broadens one's horizons. Therefore, she is excited to help students to use ENGin and improve their English.

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Yuliia Sydoruk


Yuliia has graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv with a bachelor's degree in Philosophy. She is an activist, who believes that Human Rights are above all. She took part in different nonprofit projects and now is really excited to be a part of the ENGin team as an interviewer. Yuliia believes that knowledge of English nowadays is an essential skill, because it unlocks infinite possibilities for both personal and professional growth. In her free time, she loves gathering with friends or spending time peacefully with her dog.

2022-09-20 23.29.59.jpg

Ilona Misko

Interviewer / Operations associate

Ilona is fond of studying history, foreign languages and psychology. She is sure that with the help of quality education, we can change the world for the better. She is also convinced of the importance of human communication and relationships for building a prosperous society.

Karolina Kovtun.jpg

Karolina Kovtun

Operations Associate

Karolina, with over 5 years' experience in Ukrainian and Turkish tourism, has honed her skills in communication, problem-solving, and leadership.

She speaks English fluently and has intermediate proficiency in Turkish. Having lived in Turkey for three years, she understands the challenges of adjusting to a new country and is dedicated to helping Ukrainians integrate smoothly.

As an Operations Associate at ENGin, she's driven by her passion for intercultural exchange and education's transformative power. Her experiences abroad highlighted the importance of language skills for integration, motivating her to assist fellow Ukrainians in language mastery. Karolina sees herself as a supportive bridge between ENGin, students, and volunteers.

Outside work, she enjoys video games; walking; delving into IT development, having qualified in frontend tech stack; and is also a car geek.

photo_2024-01-23 00.05.25.jpeg

Nadiia Tkach

Student Orientation Trainer

Nadiia has 10+ years of experience in marketing, communications and organizing events of various levels of complexity, from international exhibitions to local trainings. Nadiia is convinced that development is a continuous process and it is never too late to learn. In the ENGin team, Nadiia helps to optimize the process of connecting and adapting new students to the program. And also in her free time, Nadiia introduces foreigners to Ukrainian traditions and culture, helps improve their conversational Ukrainian language skills.

photo_2024-01-29 20.01.09.jpeg

Maks Stepanenko


Maks is a Backend Developer. He also recieves a bachelor's degree in DNU. He focuses on swiftly and effectively resolving software development challenges. Maks holds the belief that acquiring proficiency in new languages expands one's horizons. Consequently, he is enthusiastic about supporting and developing the ENGin platform to make learning English for students as comfortable as possible.


Yumna Azeez

Interviewer (Volunteer)

Yumna is an attorney-at-law from Sri Lanka, currently pursuing her Master's in Public and international law. Apart from her legal studies, she enjoys learning philosophy, history, criminology, classical literature, and art. Her experience with ENGin since June 2022 has been one of a kind since it has allowed her to forge cross-cultural connections and even teach herself some Ukrainian! Yumna has worked with multiple NGOs from New Zealand, England, Uganda, and Indonesia, all focusing on different aspects of human rights, and serves as the Director of Human Capital Development at HYPE Sri Lanka.


Taya Zhernosiekova

Program Director

Taya is passionate about organizing social projects on various topics and working with volunteers in NGOs. Also, conducting thought-provoking English speaking clubs gives her much pleasure. Activities dedicated to improving socially vulnerable groups' lives strike a chord with her. She is dreaming to learn social psychology one day. Taya truly believes in empathy and people's open curious mind. And she can't live without communication with people, long walks and dancing.


Jess Beutler

Director of Volunteering

Jess is a geographer and nonprofit program leader with diverse experience in leading participatory action and volunteer initiatives around the globe. She is passionate about the “power of the crowd” and the positive impact that individuals can make as global citizens through virtual volunteering. For over 10 years, Jess has led volunteer-powered programs and community initiatives centered on urban resilience, disaster response, and citizen empowerment across sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and North America. Jess is currently studying for a Master’s in Organizational Change Leadership, focusing on scaling volunteer & grassroots movements.

Олександра на сайт_edited.jpg

Oleksandra Vasylkivska

Subprogram and Community Manager

Oleksandra is a linguist and translator, she opens the English-speaking world to Ukrainians during her online classes. In love with travel, she has already visited about 14 countries, where the most valuable treasure for her is people who transmit culture and traditions throughout their lives. She collects postcards and captures memories on tape. Hiking, skiing, painting, creativity - it's all about her. In ENGin, Oleksandra renews and moderates a community for you to BELONG with your people  - it's like a rainbow after the rain.

на сайт Тетяна.png

Tetiana Fomenko

Customer Support Agent & Interviewer

Tetiana has been involved into customer support in different fields for more than 5 years. She has been into learning English since childhood so she does remember the way and possible difficulties a person may face during it. And now she is eager to help Ukrainians as much as possible during their English language mastery, to be that helpful bridge in-between ENGin, students and volunteers. In addition, Tetiana believes that education is one of the most important keys to the intelligent and developed society, as our youth will be leading the country further. So at this point intercultural exchange will be extremely useful. Mostly her free time is dedicated to hiking and reading literature, as well as doing some sports.

photo_2022-07-07 00.25.38.jpeg

Yana Voloshyna

Volunteer Support Specialist

Yana is passionate about promoting human rights and helping vulnerable people. Five years she worked in international organizations, such as UNHCR and IRC and have two years of practical experience as an administrative attache, working at the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus. Yana personally attended hundreds of interviews with asylum seekers at Odesa Migration Agency and drafted dozens of recommendations on individual cases. She is not afraid of any challenges as how Jane Austen had previously said, my power only rises at every attempt to intimidate me. She have a cute pug Ponchik and can't imagine her life without traveling.


Nicole Viloria

Volunteer Trainer

Nicole started learning English at a young age in Venezuela. Since she moved to the US, she has made it her goal to help others struggling with learning the language through her skills and enthusiasm. As a lover of languages, writing, and reading, she wishes to translate and write novels of her own. She is majoring in English Literature at The Honors College at Miami Dade College, aiming to minor in Creative Writing. Wanting to help others learn English, Nicole joined ENGin as a volunteer in October of 2021 and hopes to not only help her student but also encourage new volunteers to do so as well!

Борисовська, фото.jpg

Varvara Borysovska

Database Coordinator / Operations associate

Varya studied Arts Journalism at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, but lately she has realized that working with data and analyzing it is her calling. In her opinion, structured data, especially if it’s easy to understand, benefit more than long articles, which might not be informative. But, in addition to understandable submission and structure, it’s vital for data, above all, to be accurate. And Varya does it in ENGin — she manages the database of students and volunteers, ensuring their quick and precise onboarding. Also, Varya is an ENGin student herself, and her work here contributes to her wish to help the same students as she is — those, who can’t afford to take usually quite expensive classes at the best speaking clubs or schools, and those, who feel themselves more comfortable taking one-to-one courses. To contribute to professional and personal growth through the acquisition of a high level of the English language is an essential mission for her.

2023-03-14 23.03.47.jpg

Michael Feehan

Interviewer (Volunteer)

Mike is co-owner of an academic tutoring business. He has prior career experience as an international commercial lawyer, a business executive, and a teacher at the law school, college, and high school levels.

Знімок екрана 2024-01-18 о 21.38.57.png

Karen Goldman 

Interviewer (Volunteer)

Karen has a Master's Degree in Education and a TEFL Certification.  She is passionate about working with children and adults in informal nonprofit educational settings, such as museums, schools, and social service agencies.

2023-05-03 11.19.56.jpg

Rohanna White

Interviewer (Volunteer)

Rohanna has been a proud volunteer at ENGin since Spring 2022. Although she is still in high school, she is currently pursuing her Associate in Science and taking numerous Computer Science courses. She is passionate about serving others and supporting Ukrainian students. As an interviewer, she enjoys meeting new people and listening to their amazing stories! In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family, go biking and read online books.

LW again.jpeg

Linda Witt

Interviewer (Volunteer)

Linda has worked for 20 years in leadership roles in management, communications, marketing, and development for large independent nonprofit language schools on the U.S. West Coast. She also traveled the world for her work in the high-tech industry. Linda currently serves on three nonprofit boards in the fields of education and commerce. Fluent in French and German, Linda enjoys ENGin’s focus on language and the organization’s reach into communities across the world in service of its important mission.


Mykola Popadiuk

Country Director, Ukraine

Mykola is engaged in different educational activities — he is a teacher, trainer, leader and a Project Coordinator of various educational programs and online courses. Especially, he’s involved in civic education and improving the digital skills of Ukrainians. He supports and implements changes in Ukrainian education both locally and nationally. Mykola is in the ENGin team in order to spread the educational opportunities of the program for students and teachers from all the corners of Ukraine.


Margarita Kutsa

Head of Learning and Student Experience

Since childhood, Margarita dreamed of traveling a lot, which motivated her to learn English, and, in fact, it's great when the passion grows into a desire to pursue a career in foreign languages. As part of the Erasmus + international mobility program studied at the University of Córdoba (Spain). Rita is convinced that this experience has helped not only to improve English and Spanish language skills, but also to develop soft skills and cultural integration. Rita is passionate about helping Ukrainians to improve their English skills.


Liza Sadurska

SMM/Designer Specialist

Lisa is a publisher and content producer by education, but her professional vector at ENGin is currently graphic design. She discovered the program as a student almost from its inception and is happy to be now part of a team that makes free language education possible for children and youth through international communication. In addition, Lisa actively volunteers in the artistic direction, teaching choreographic and theatrical art to schoolchildren, because she believes that creativity and practical-oriented communication among teenagers are the basis of their future path as successful and happy members of society.

на сайт Сергій.png

Serhii Shcherban

Partnership Manager

Serhii Shcherban is a youth worker, fundraiser, mentor, facilitator with over 6 years of experience in the youth policy sector. He has successfully implemented various educational, youth, social, and even esports projects.

Serhii is particularly passionate about creating partnerships between businesses, non-governmental organizations, and different communities. He believes in the principle of "Think globally, act locally" and sees collaboration as a key to realizing this principle. Serhii also provides consultancy and mentoring support to organizations in implementing fundraising strategies in their operations. In his role as the ENGin Partnership Manager, Serhii will be working on establishing partnerships that open new horizons and opportunities. He understands the importance of collaboration and knows how to find common interests for cooperation. 

2023-03-14 22.57.00.jpg

Nastya Nesterova


Nastya is a Fronted Developer and UI/UX Designer.  She receives a bachelor's degree in KNU.  Anastasia is confident in herself, her abilities and professional qualities.  She’s convinced that English is a basic skill for a successful career, so she is glad to work at this project, which helps Ukrainian children to get a future. Also Nastya hopes to bring some fresh ideas to make the project better of the best.

Ейпріл на сайт.jpg

April Rossetti

Volunteer Outreach Associate

April has experience coordinating grants and nonprofit programs, in addition to a background as a lead educator in diverse educational settings. She is deeply committed to seeking justice and equity for marginalized communities. At ENGin, April’s focus is on volunteer outreach and recruitment - helping to scale ENGin’s volunteer base within the US and worldwide, as well as supporting volunteers in the program. Outside of her professional endeavors, April volunteers at an animal shelter and finds joy in trail running, hiking, biking, and immersing herself in captivating books. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education and American Studies from Salem State University.

photo_2022-09-20 23.52.14.jpeg

Tetiana Krotova

Student and volunteer support agent

Tetiana is passionate about solving the problems of the Ukrainian education system. She is the author of four research papers and is also developing a mobile application that will help Ukrainian refugees enroll in universities abroad. Tatiana believes that the development of modern society is impossible without intercultural dialogue and knowledge of the English language.


Yana Lagoda

Social Media Manager

Having studied English on her own, Yana understands all the challenges one might face as a beginning English learner. She is excited to grow the ENGin community through social media to help others on this journey.


Maryna Petushenko


Maryna has connection with English during her whole life.

She has been learning it since kindergarten and has always dreamt to be a translator. Maryna studied technical translation as her Major at university, but now she is successfully involved into English tutoring for 7 years.

She is passionate about traveling and taking up different courses to develop her professional skills. She knows how challenging it can be to learn a new foreign language that is why she shares ENGin mission  - help Ukrainians to be matched with English speaking world.

Пірагнаві на сайт'.jpg

Pirahnavi Balasothy

Interviewer (Volunteer)

Pirahnavi is a student in Canada and has always had a passion for humanitarian aid and hopes to pursue it in the future. She works with many clubs and non profit organizations locally to aid youth in STEM subjects and lead them to a better future. Through ENGin she has the opportunity to change the lives of hundreds of people around the world. The impact she has made and hopes to make is ever growing.

Volunteer Community Leaders

April Rossetti (Discord)
Sanika Saraf (HS Discord Chat)
Donna Thompson (Facebook)
Shanti Fukasaku (Facebook)
Keith Marshall (Telegram)
Georgiana Zhang (HS Telegram Chat)


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