Handbook for Current Volunteers


  Special Opportunities        

Want to get more involved with ENGin or get more volunteer hours? Check out the options here. You can also read our monthly volunteer emails, sent out on the last day of each month, for the latest on all special opportunities and leadership roles.

5 Ways to Support Ukraine and Get Volunteer Hours

(1) Organize a Virtual Q&A With an ENGin Student

You: Work with a teacher, advisor, or community leader to set a time and place, prepare the right technology, and spread the word. 


ENGin: Can connect you with an ENGin student who is ready to talk to your school or community!


  • Possible venues include: a morning or after-school assembly, history or current events class, youth group, scouts, debate or Model UN club, city hall (ask local officials), etc.

  • Remember time zones! Arrange your event before 11:00PM Ukraine time.

  • Agree on an agenda with the student in advance. For example, a short intro from you, 5-minute talk from them, and 20 minutes of Q&A

Become an ENGin Volunteer Mentor:  

The ENGin mentor program connects new and experienced ENGin volunteers for one-on-one support. Through email, texts, and videochats. ENGin volunteer mentors check in with their mentees for a period of 1-2 months to help answer questions and resolve any problems.


For our experienced volunteers, the program is a great opportunity to take on a leadership role, deepen your involvement with ENGin, and pass on your experience to others. The commitment is flexible and totals just a few hours for each mentee.

Please click here if you're interested in being a mentor (any volunteer who has been with ENGin for 4 months is eligible).

Donate Your Professional Skills to ENGin: We have so many talented volunteers joining us with experience in a wide variety of industries. If you might be interested in using your professional skills to support ENGin, please fill out this form and we will be in touch if a need arises. Some examples of skill sets that would be valuable for our team: communications/PR, fundraising, partnership building, software development, graphic design, video creation, accounting, website design, curriculum development, etc.

Start an ENGin Chapter or Club: We encourage our volunteers to form ENGin clubs in their communities. ENGin clubs are independent organizations run by volunteer leaders in each community. The ENGin team supports clubs by providing ideas for events and projects, featuring clubs on social media, and certifying volunteer hours as needed. You can learn more about this opportunity here

Become an ENGin Content Creator: Create a video for our social media about your ENGin experience (sample ideas: sneak peek into a session, getting to know you and your student, what you’ve learned about Ukraine, etc). We can give community service hours for this work! Please send all content to our PR/SMM team lead Anna (a.nikulina@enginprogram.org)