Handbook for Current Volunteers


  Special Opportunities        

Lead Group Practice Sessions:


If you're looking for more volunteer hours, consider signing up to lead occasional group practice sessions. This is an optional opportunity in addition to your weekly one-on-one sessions with your assigned buddy.  At group sessions, each volunteer works through three 20-minute activities with a group of approximately 4-7 students. We provide the activities. 


This is NOT an every week commitment - you can do as many or as few sessions as you like, and you choose the times! Sessions usually happen morning/early afternoon US time on both weekdays and weekends. If you’re interested, you can leave your email here and we will email you when new sessions are scheduled. You can then decide if you'd like to sign up.


Volunteer Mentor Program:  

This month, we are piloting a new mentoring program for volunteers. For our experienced volunteers, this is a great opportunity to take on a leadership role, deepen your involvement with ENGin, and pass on your experience to others. The commitment is flexible and should just be a few hours for each mentee.


For new volunteers, this is an optional opportunity to get some one-on-one support as you get started with the program. Mentors will organize short check-ins and answer questions on an as-needed basis.


  • Please click here if you're interested in being a mentor (any volunteer who has been with ENGin for 4 months is eligible).

  • Please click here if you're a new volunteer who would like a mentor.


Meet other ENGin Volunteers:

We have a Discord server where volunteers can chat, share session ideas, and ask questions. You can join here.

Other Leadership Opportunities:

We occasionally have openings for the following volunteer leadership opportunities for experienced volunteers (at least 6 months volunteering at ENGin):

  • Interviewing ENGin applicants (students and volunteers)

  • Conducting new volunteer training sessions

  • Administering progress tests to measure how much our students' English has improved

  • Helping with our curriculum design

When spots for these opportunities open up, we post them on our social media pages and/or monthly volunteer emails.