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 Handbook for Current Volunteers

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  Special Opportunities        

Want to get more involved with ENGin or get more volunteer hours? Check out the options here. You can also read our volunteer emails, sent out twice a month , for the latest on all special opportunities and leadership roles.

Become an ENGin Ambassador!

Are you interested in taking on a volunteer leadership role with ENGin and becoming a spokesperson for our organization within your community? If so, consider joining our ENGin Ambassador Program!

ENGin Ambassadors spread the word about ENGin within their communities with the goal of sharing their ENGin story with as many people as possible. Ambassadors will be provided with a short training video, an official ENGin email address, and a detailed toolkit including flyers, presentation slides, and ideas for outreach. Our hope is that, with your help, we will be able to grow our volunteer base in the US and beyond.

If you would like to join our team as an ENGin Ambassador, please complete this short application. All current volunteers are eligible!


Donate Your Professional Skills to ENGin:

We have so many talented volunteers joining us with experience in a wide variety of industries. If you might be interested in using your professional skills to support ENGin, please fill out this form and we will be in touch if a need arises. Some examples of skill sets that would be valuable for our team: communications/PR, fundraising, partnership building, software development, graphic design, video creation, accounting, website design, curriculum development, etc.


Volunteer Community Moderators:

ENGin has 3 main volunteer communities: Facebook, Telegram, and Discord. Our goal is to make sure these communities are a safe space for ENGin volunteers to find comradery, share information, ask questions, and find support. To make this happen, we need several volunteers in each community who are willing to take on specific tasks to keep the community a warm and fuzzy place for volunteers. 

Please read through the specific roles below for each community to decide which you would like to apply for, then complete the application here


Discord Engagement Associate


Facebook Engagement Associate

Facebook Moderator


Telegram Engagement Associate

Telegram Moderator


Start an ENGin Club:

We encourage our volunteers to form ENGin clubs in their communities. ENGin clubs are independent organizations run by volunteer leaders in each community. The ENGin team supports clubs by providing ideas for events and projects, featuring clubs on social media, and certifying volunteer hours as needed. You can learn more about this opportunity here


Become an ENGin Volunteer Mentor:  

The ENGin mentor program connects new and experienced ENGin volunteers for one-on-one support. Through email, texts, and videochats. ENGin volunteer mentors check in with their mentees for a period of 1-2 months to help answer questions and resolve any problems.

For our experienced volunteers, the program is a great opportunity to take on a leadership role, deepen your involvement with ENGin, and pass on your experience to others. The commitment is flexible and totals just a few hours for each mentee.​

Please click here if you're interested in being a mentor (any volunteer who has been with ENGin for 4 months is eligible).


Become an ENGin Content Creator:

Create a video for our social media about your ENGin experience (sample ideas: sneak peek into a session, getting to know you and your student, what you’ve learned about Ukraine, etc). We can give community service hours for this work! Please send all content to our PR/SMM team lead Anna (​​

Volunteer Leadership Opportunity - Lead free Coursera/Udemy courses with ENGin students!


We have some big news: ENGin has partnered with Coursera and Udemy to pilot a brand-new initiative - ENGin Pro Communities. In these online groups, ENGin students will receive free access to online courses across three subject areas: IT, Business, and Social Sciences/Humanities.


To ensure that students have a wonderful learning experience, we are looking for volunteer Pro Community Supporters.



- Select a course to lead (subject to ENGin team approval)

- Complete course over a period of ~2 months alongside a group of ENGin students

- Lead online discussion threads about course topics - post prompts, respond to questions, etc.

- Organize 1-2 video meetings during the course

- Moderation duties - add/remove students to group, screen discussion for inappropriate comments, etc


Please note that this volunteer role requires dedication and commitment as courses generally take 2 months and you will need to interact with students 5-6 days/week.



A free license to all Coursera or Udemy courses, support from our community manager, and volunteer hours for all time spent on this project!



Interested? Please read our Pro Community Supporter handbook here to make sure it's a fit and apply here.



Do you have professional experience in IT, business, or the social sciences/humanities and ideas for how to enrich our new Pro Communities? Maybe you'd like to run discussions of the latest trends in your industry, offer career advice, or help students find the best Coursera/Udemy courses for their particular goals? We're open to all kinds of ideas that will help our students develop their professional skills and knowledge. Email your proposal to

I want to get more involved with ENGin in a different way. Can I propose my own project, leadership role, or internship instead?

We love our volunteers, and we want every volunteer to have a wonderful experience with us. Before you give us your valuable time, we need to ensure that we have the capacity to support you - providing clear instructions, answering questions, offering feedback, and ultimately using your work.

As a small organization, our resources are very limited. This means we usually cannot provide the support volunteers need for tasks outside those listed on our site and biweekly emails. This is especially true for internships, since successful internships involve extensive training and support. 

We know this might seem discouraging - trust us, we also wish we had more people and more time so we could get you involved! However, we know that there's nothing more frustrating than a volunteer diving in and not getting the support they need. 

We will continue to add more opportunities across new areas as we grow. If you'd like to learn about them, make sure you're part of one of our online volunteer communities, where we post all of our volunteer needs.

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