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Cultivating Connections: Amisha Sharma's Journey of Mentorship and Global Impact with ENGin

Amisha Sharma, a resident of the United States and a skilled Software Engineer, has embarked on a remarkable journey of mentorship and cultural exchange through her involvement with ENGin.

ENGin volunteer Amisha Sharma

Over the past 7 months, Amisha has been an integral part of this program, contributing her time and expertise to impact her students' lives positively.

Her dedication and passion have not only transformed her own perspective

but have also left an indelible mark on those she mentors.

In her own words, Amisha expresses her delight in the connections

she has cultivated:

"I have 2 wonderful buddies, and we have conversations about everything under the sun. I love taking that time out to sit and talk simply."

This sentiment underscores the value she places on genuine human interaction and the profound connections that can emerge from meaningful conversations.

Amisha's commitment to fostering confidence and proficiency in English among her students has yielded inspiring results. Through her guidance and support, her buddies have exhibited noticeable growth in their ability to communicate effectively in English.

"It's been an interesting journey, and my buddies have shown an increase in confidence while talking in English."

Her role as a mentor has not only enhanced linguistic skills but has also nurtured self-assurance, empowering her buddies to express themselves more fluently.

"One of them recently visited Dubai for a work trip, and we practiced all the types of common questions people ask her about Ukraine, and I felt so proud."

This experience highlights the tangible outcomes of the guidance Amisha provides, enabling her buddies to navigate real-world situations with newfound confidence.

Beyond personal growth, Amisha recognizes the broader implications of her involvement with ENGin. Volunteering as a mentor has facilitated a humbling connection with individuals from diverse backgrounds who share similar aspirations but communicate in different languages.

"Volunteering with ENGin has made me humble and connect with people across the world who are just like me but speak a different language."

Grateful for the opportunity she has been given, Amisha looks to the future with optimism and a desire to continue making a positive impact.

"I am thankful for this opportunity and hope to impact more lives in the future," she states with enthusiasm.

Her journey with ENGin serves as an inspiring example of how a single individual's dedication can ripple outward, influencing lives and fostering meaningful connections on a global scale.

Feeling inspired by Amisha's journey? Ready to embark on your own adventure? Join the ENGin community today! Embrace this opportunity to connect with amazing individuals, expand your perspectives, and create a meaningful difference. Your story could be the next one that inspires others.


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