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Discovering a New World Through ENGin: Olga Verbivska's Journey to Confidence and Friendship

An ENGin Student Olga Verbivska

Meet our student Olga Verbivska. As for many other of our participants, Olga says that ENGin is not only a way to practice communication skills in English, improve listening skills and increase vocabulary but also a great opportunity to find new friends and become self-confident.

Olga and her ENGin friend, Jorge, discuss everything from the Eiffel Tower to Pokemon in a very comforting manner, which helps her to distract herself from the events around her while discovering a new world.

“ENGin makes a great galaxy and helps people to swim in this reality where English is not just a language that opens many roads. English is an island that we reach, and have happy times being on this island. When storms are outside windows, we go to sessions and have cozy, sunny weather…”

She recommends this program to those who are looking for an opportunity to practice communication skills in English, as this language is opening up new roads for people. From Olga’s conversations with her acquaintances, the main problem is that they are to begin learning English due to the prejudice that it is a difficult language and they have insufficient vocabulary.

“Please, no fear! Every house begins from brick, every art begins from brush strokes, and every language begins from words. English begins with ENGin.”


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