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Empowering ENGin: Unleashing Volunteer Impact Through Workplace Initiatives

Volunteers, did you know you can help support ENGin without spending a single dollar?

ENGin Volunteer Michelle Flotard

Meet our dedicated volunteer Michelle, who has taken advantage of 3 different programs offered by her employer, Ally Financial, to collect over $3,000 in contributions to ENGin.

When Michelle joined ENGin, she quickly bonded with her assigned buddy Anastasiia:

"Anastasiia trusts me and tells me everything, which means a lot to me."

In their sessions, they've covered everything from resumes and mock interviews to dating advice to catching up on each other's weeks.

With each session, Michelle has been accumulating donations for ENGin. Her employer donates $25 to their employees' chosen organizations for each hour volunteered. But she didn't stop there. This summer, Michelle organized a fundraiser for ENGin among her colleagues. Shortly after, Michelle learned about an opportunity to request a grant for ENGin through a diversity and inclusion program. An initiative supporting women turned out to be the perfect fit since ENGin is a female-led nonprofit, and nearly 80% of our students and volunteers are women.

"I am passionate about this charity because it helps people who are in so much need right now. I became an advocate because I see how big the organization is becoming. I know how much it can cost to run a program as you do... charities cannot make it without fundraising."

Michelle gives great advice to other volunteers seeking to help out ENGin. She suggested "reaching out to Human Resources or Employee Relations to see if they have or can set up something similar" in your workplace.

We are so grateful to Ally Financial for their generosity and to Michelle for her hard work! We encourage every volunteer working at an organization of any size to explore similar opportunities at your workplace. Thank you to Michelle and all others who have gone out of their way to help with our program.


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