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Empowering Growth: Aniket Abhishek Soni - A Journey of Volunteer Impact with ENGin

Meet ENGin’s volunteer Aniket Abhishek Soni, who is a corporate volunteer with Cognizant.

ENGin volunteer Aniket Abhishek Soni

Working with his student for over 4 months, Aniket has seen significant improvements in his student’s English language abilities.

“They have become more fluent and confident in their communication skills. Their grammar has improved and they are able to use new vocabulary words in their daily life.”

As his buddy grows more comfortable with the English language daily, Aniket mentions that his favorite part of ENGin is seeing his student’s progress and growth. “It's rewarding to see their confidence increase.”

But it's not just about his student's progress for Aniket. Aniket says that he has started seeing improvements in his own confidence as he met new people and enhanced his personal development.

“I personally saw a difference in myself as I'm more outgoing now.”

ENGin is lucky to have dedicated volunteers like Aniket. We look forward to seeing what impact you’ll make in the future!

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Apr 22
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Aniket is truly amazing person, very friendly and kind.

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