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ENGin for Ukrainian Civil Servants: a Step Towards Rebuilding Resilient Ukraine

Two women and man stand with laptops in their hands as they are connected with ENGinGOV subprogram

ENGin, in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Transformation in Ukraine, is thrilled to announce the ENGinGov subprogram! This initiative is a direct response to the Ukrainian government's ambitious "Future Perfect" project, which aims to elevate English to the status of Ukraine's international language. 

We recognized the synergy between this vision and our own mission. We proposed a bespoke solution designed to bolster the English communication skills of Ukrainian civil servants.

The significance of English proficiency for Ukrainian civil servants cannot be overstated, especially in the context of the nation's rebuilding efforts and international collaboration during and after the war. As Ukraine faces the monumental task of reconstruction, the ability of its civil servants to communicate effectively in English becomes a pivotal asset. English, being the language of international communication, opens up a plethora of opportunities for international aid, partnerships, and collaborations that are essential for the country's recovery and development. It facilitates direct engagement with global entities, including international organizations, donors, and foreign governments, enabling Ukrainian civil servants to advocate for their country's needs, negotiate support, and tap into global networks of expertise and resources. 

The ENGinGov subprogram emerges from months of planning and collaboration, spearheaded by ENGin's Country Director, Mykola Popadiuk. ENGinGov addresses a critical barrier facing Ukrainian civil servants: the challenge of speaking English fluently and confidently.

Mykola Popadiuk: “​​Starting a new project is always a challenge. The most difficult thing was to adapt application processing to the specifics of the subprogram with limited resources, including technical ones. The easiest way was to determine the educational materials for the mini-groups. Thanks to cooperation with partners, we managed to quickly weed out the existing base of our session materials for this target audience”

ENGinGov’s mission is to significantly enhance English proficiency levels across Ukraine, focusing particularly on civil servants aged 18-35. This targeted approach aims to tackle the foundational issue of inadequate English speaking skills, offering civil servants a unique opportunity to participate in weekly conversation sessions with international volunteers. These sessions are organized in mini-groups comprising two students and one volunteer, fostering an environment conducive to language practice, cultural exchange, and shared learning experiences.

Distinguished from the traditional ENGin volunteer experience, the ENGinGov subprogram introduces several new features:

  • Each volunteer engages with two students simultaneously instead of one, facilitating richer dialogue and interaction.

  • The program offers a selection of session plans tailored specifically for the needs and interests of Ukrainian civil servants, derived from ENGin's existing extensive catalog of educational content.

  • Sessions are scheduled during specific windows on weekends to accommodate participants across various time zones, ensuring maximum participation and engagement.

The ENGinGov subprogram is scheduled to run for three months starting in April. This duration is strategically chosen to allow for measurable improvements in English proficiency among participants.

Prospective students should visit this page and fill in the registration form. Additional details about the program can be found there as well. 

Prospective volunteers can join the ENGinGov subprogram by registering on the ENGin platform, selecting the ENGinGov option during registration, and completing the necessary onboarding steps. Current ENGin volunteers interested in this subprogram can simply fill out the ENGinGov registration form and pass a concluding quiz to qualify for participation.

As the deadline for applications approaches on March 31, 2024, ENGin encourages prompt action from those interested in volunteering. However, should there be an extension due to the demand for volunteers, updates will be communicated through social media and volunteer emails.

Mykola Popadiuk: “This project aims to support those who directly influence the functioning of the state. The earlier we make changes at the local level through our main program, the faster we can move to the level of larger communities. I hope that these young people, despite various challenges of public service, will continue their dedicated work and will be able to improve their skills through this sub-program, which will lead to changes in the future.”

In essence, the ENGinGov subprogram is not just about teaching English; it's about opening doors to global communication for Ukrainian civil servants, facilitating professional growth, and bridging cultures. As we officially launch this initiative, we are filled with anticipation for the positive impact it will have on enhancing English proficiency and fostering intercultural dialogue within Ukraine's public service sector. The ENGinGov subprogram aims to empower Ukrainian civil servants to play a crucial role in Ukraine's path towards recovery and prosperity, ensuring that they can effectively engage with the international community in rebuilding a resilient and strong Ukraine.


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