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Meet ENGin Ambassador: Sayé Yabandeh

ENGin wouldn't be possible without our amazing supporters. Many of them become a part of the big ENGin family and spread the word about ENGin on local, national, and international levels. They raise funds through local fundraising events, initiate social media crowdfunding campaigns, or even promote ENGin on the global stage.

Sayé Yabandeh began her journey as an ENGin volunteer. She consistently meets with her buddy in Ukraine for one-on-one conversational English practice and enriching experiences. They have developed a strong friendship across the ocean. Sayé predominantly resides in Los Angeles, CA.

ENGin Ambassador Sayé Yabandeh with her student Yehor Alieinikov

Sayé Yabandeh: An Inspirational Journey

Sayé Yabandeh's philanthropic efforts have made a significant impact on impoverished and underserved children and families across the globe. In addition to her work with ENGin, Sayé collaborates with numerous international child welfare organizations, both in the United States and abroad.

Sayé is an outstanding actress and has excelled in the realms of film and television. She has appeared in over 40 films and numerous television programs, earning numerous awards. For instance, in 2014, her film "Sholeh" received nominations for Best LGBT Project at the Action on Film Awards Festival, highlighting her commitment to inclusive storytelling. In the same year, she also received a nomination for Best Female Filmmaker for "Sholeh," showcasing her prowess behind the camera.

ENGin: Uniting for a Common Cause

It is truly remarkable how deeply involved Miss Yabandeh has become with ENGin. We connect Ukrainians with native English speakers from around the world for conversational English practice. Sayé has played a crucial role in helping us raise funds and promoting ENGin during various events, meetings with humanitarian country representatives worldwide, and interactions with public policy officials.

For instance, following a performance of the Iranian play "English," which won the Pulitzer Prize, and coincidentally also touches upon the importance of English for better life opportunities for young people, Sayé addressed the audience on stage at the Alliance Theatre. Her speech highlighted the collaborative efforts to empower Ukrainian youth and served as a fitting tribute to Ukraine's Independence Day.

How Can You Help?

ENGin thrives on the support of people like Sayé Yabandeh and countless others who believe in the power of education and language learning. You too can make a difference!

  • Donate Your Time: Sign up as a volunteer and become a part of our global community. Share your language skills and enrich the lives of Ukrainian students through one-on-one English practice.

  • Donate Your Money: For just $25, you can put one Ukrainian student through the ENGin program for a year, helping them gain confidence in English and access new opportunities.

The Power of Podcasts: Changing Lives Amidst War

Miss Yabandeh’s shares the story of ENGin through interviews with female Ukrainian students. The conversations serve as a testament to the ability of education and English in particular to change lives even in the most difficult circumstances, in this case, during the atrocious war. Miss Yabandeh has deep discussions with ENGin students, and their experiences are incredibly motivating.

Oksana Deriabina: Resilience and Friendship in the Face of Adversity

Miss Yabandeh introduces us to Oksana Deriabina, whose love for Ukraine remains steadfast despite the ravages of war. ENGin, like a guiding light, provided her with the perfect platform to practice English in a German-speaking environment. It is more than just a language learning for her. It gave her a wonderful friendship that endures through difficult times.

Anastasia Malinova: Conquering Doubts and Fears

Miss Yabandeh’s conversations extend to the remarkable Anastasia Malinova, a dedicated primary school teacher who chose to stay in Ukraine throughout the war. Anastasia's decision to join ENGin became a game-changer in her life, offering her an unparalleled opportunity to practice English and unlock new horizons.

Ksenia Horai: A Driving Force Behind ENGin's Growth

Miss Yabandeh’s interactions with Ukrainian students like Ksenia, a programming enthusiast and animal lover, reveal the diverse talents and passions that create ENGin's student community. Ksenia, through ENGin, not only found a true friend but also became a volunteer, contributing to the program's growth and success.

Olga Voitovych: Shaping a Brighter Future

In another engaging episode, Miss Yabandeh speaks with Olga Voitovych, who serves as a project manager at the Ukrainian Eastern Foundation. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Olga is a devoted mother who finds invaluable support and alignment of values in her ENGin buddy. Together, they strive for personal and collaborative growth to make a meaningful impact.

Join the Journey

Join us on this incredible journey of resilience and hope. Your support can change lives and brighten the future for Ukraine. Together, we celebrate the power of language learning and the transformative impact it can have. Join the ENGin family today and be a part of something extraordinary!


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