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Bridging Hearts: A Tale of Intergenerational Friendship through Volunteerism

ENGin volunteer Donna Thompson

Meet our volunteer Donna, a retired public school administrator and speech pathologist living on Long Island. Last September, she stumbled upon ENGin,

an organization she knew nothing about. After doing some research, she found our mission inspiring and decided to apply to become a volunteer. After completing the interview process, she was matched with Sasha.

Sasha is a lawyer around the same age as Donna's daughters, and despite their different professions, they quickly found common ground in their mutual interest in government and the great outdoors. Since they started meeting in October, they have never missed a weekly session. They share so much that they often talk far beyond their designated hour and text throughout the week on WhatsApp.

Donna admits that she has learned far more from Sasha than the other way around. Sasha's perseverance and fortitude are remarkable, and nothing stops

her from having their weekly conversations, not even the flu or a lack of electricity.

Their friendship has taught Donna that age, income, and culture don't matter; it's our shared humanity that brings us together.

Donna feels indebted to ENGin for introducing her to Sasha and sees firsthand the importance of their mission in improving the lives of individual people. When you commit to supporting and listening to someone, friendship is inevitable.


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