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Bridging Hearts: The Inspiring Journey of Bill Lowenburg and Oksana through ENGin

ENGin volunteer Bill Lowenburg

Meet Bill Lowenburg, a passionate volunteer who has dedicated over forty years of his career to teaching students of all ages. His experience with ENGin has been as fulfilling as any other teaching experience he's had. Why? Because of his student, Oksana! Despite facing challenging circumstances, Oksana's enthusiasm and desire to learn never falters.

Living on the outskirts of Kyiv, Oksana has faced unimaginable challenges due to the russian invasion. She was forced to flee to the Czech Republic for six months, during which she was separated from her loved ones. Despite returning to a life without electricity, heat, or running water, she never misses an ENGin session, sometimes even greeting Bill wrapped in blankets and surrounded by candles.

Their conversations aren't always formal lessons. This is how Bill describes them:

“We just share what’s going on in our lives and help one another understand what it’s like to be a Ukrainian and what it’s like to be an American. We laugh a lot – and sometimes we cry a little, too. But life is like that, and navigating through uncertain times with the support of a friend can help us find strength we didn’t know we had.”

Volunteering for ENGin doesn't require any formal teaching experience. It's simply about being there for someone who needs it. For Ukrainians, knowing that people from other countries care about them is immeasurable. If you're interested in making a difference in someone's life and helping Ukraine achieve a brighter future, consider volunteering for ENGin. The small investment of your time will be repaid many times over!


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