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Empowering Lives through Language: The Inspiring Journey of Richard Bolton and ENGin Volunteering

ENGin volunteer Richard Bolton

Meet Richard Bolton, a 28-year-old substance abuse counselor and soon-to-be Mental Health Technician from Southern Illinois. His passion for helping people goes beyond his profession. He hopes to obtain his RN license in the future to assist individuals with illnesses and disabilities in improving their physical and mental health. One of his goals is to be a positive and caring force in people's lives, especially those who have undergone extreme hardship or traumas.

Richard has been a part of the ENGin program for a couple of months now, and his favorite part about it is being able to help people learn, grow, and enhance their skills and knowledge of the English language. His sessions with his ENGin buddy are always enjoyable, as they share experiences, art, and projects. He has noticed improvements in his buddy's English language skills, which motivates him to continue volunteering with ENGin.

Since Richard is so passionate about making a difference in the world, volunteering with ENGin is an opportunity that is important to him personally.

He couldn't volunteer in Ukraine due to circumstances in his personal life, but helping a Ukrainian citizen improve their English and communication abilities gives him a sense of fulfillment.

"Being able to connect with someone on a personal level and see their progress is an amazing opportunity to have received."

Let's all take a page from Richard's book and strive to be a positive force in people's lives! One small act of kindness can make a big impact on someone's life.


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