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George, an pilot who teaches English to Ukrainian drone operators, learns Ukrainian with ENGin

George Murray, a part-time English as a Second Language instructor, has been

a dedicated volunteer with the ENGin program for the past three months.

Within the program, he mentors two students from Kyiv.

An American pilot and ENGin volunteer George Murray learns Ukrainian with ENGin

Next month, George will take on a third student, thanks to the "ENGin for Victory" initiative, which connects English speakers with drone operators in Ukraine to teach them English. With his background as an American private pilot, George offers a unique perspective and is keen to help Ukrainian operators enhance their English communication with Western counterparts.

George is a native English speaker with a Midwestern accent. His passion for foreign languages began in college, where he developed a fascination for Slavic culture and politics, especially during the waning days of the Cold War.

Now, George is studying Ukrainian! He speaks highly of his Ukrainian teacher, Kateryna, praising her dynamic and professional approach. She keeps him engaged, aligns with the lesson's objectives, and tailors the content to his comprehension level.

"Ukrainian is a beautiful, melodic language. I plan to visit Ukraine once the war is over. We all hope for peace soon."

If you also want to study Ukrainian, click on the button and enjoy your language journey with ENGin.


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