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Adopted to the US from Ukraine as a baby, Anastasia now learns Ukrainian with ENGin

Anastasia, a young woman with a deep connection to her Ukrainian roots, has embarked on a journey of rediscovery – not only of her native language but also of the vibrant culture that shaped her. Her story sheds light on the profound impact that one's heritage can have, even when separated by thousands of miles.

Student and volunteer Anastasia Haine now learns Ukrainian with ENGin

"I am actually Ukrainian," Anastasia proudly states. Anastasia was born in Ukraine. She was adopted from Odesa as a 17-month-old baby and brought to the US. Unfortunately, the circumstances of her adoption meant that she never had

the opportunity to learn her birth language, a fact that she doesn't take lightly.

Reflecting on her early years, Anastasia recalls, "I had the chance to when I was very young, but I, unfortunately, was never really interested in the language."

Like many children growing up in different cultural contexts, the language of her homeland didn't immediately capture her curiosity. However, a twist of fate would soon change her perspective.

At the age of 9, Anastasia's world expanded when a Ukrainian exchange student became part of her family for a year. This experience marked a turning point, introducing her to the beauty of her native language.

"He taught me some words," she reminisces, "and that's when I began to realize the value of staying connected to my roots."

As she entered her twelfth year, Anastasia's interest in the Ukrainian language deepened. She turned to platforms like Duolingo, eager to grasp the linguistic threads that tied her to her ancestry. "I tried learning with Duolingo when I was

12 since I became more interested," she recalls. However, her self-directed efforts were only the beginning of her linguistic journey.

Over the past two years, Anastasia's commitment to learning Ukrainian has grown exponentially. Her motivation was twofold: the anticipation of a trip to Ukraine and the desire to forge a genuine connection with her birth country. Although her planned journey was postponed, the yearning to learn persisted. "For the past about two years, I've been a lot more interested in learning Ukrainian," she shares, her determination palpable.

Anastasia's quest for language proficiency led her to interact with other Ukrainians online and offline. Through these interactions, she gained insights into the cultural nuances that make her heritage so rich. "It's not the same as having actual lessons," she admits, hinting at the limitations of informal learning.

The turning point arrived when Anastasia decided to take formal lessons in Ukrainian with ENGin.

Describing her experience, she enthuses, "After having several lessons, I feel like I have a much stronger foundation of how the language works since I never learned any grammar rules or even some basic words and phrases."

The structure provided by these lessons breathed life into her language-learning endeavor, making her grasp of Ukrainian more comprehensive and nuanced.

Anastasia's journey isn't just about language; it's about reconnecting with her cultural heritage. "I'd already known a lot about Ukrainian culture before," she observes, "except now I'm learning so much more from the linguistic aspect." Through her language exploration, she has unlocked a deeper appreciation for the art, history, and traditions that define her roots.

Whether you're a beginner or already have some knowledge of Ukrainian, we invite you to join our program and be part of our diverse language-learning community. Our professional teachers are dedicated to helping you comfortably master the language, no matter your starting level.

Join now to discover how ENGin can unlock your language potential.

Let's embark on this exciting journey together!

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