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Bridges Not Barriers: American Volunteers Standing with Ukraine

The last few days have been a difficult and frightening time for many Ukrainians. While you may not have seen our nation in the headlines recently, the slaughter of innocent people in Ukraine and the brutal attempts to destroy our country continue unabated. Perhaps even more terrifying than the russians is the recent message from the United States Congress that it is no longer interested in supporting Ukraine.

Person hands picture of the heart with Ukrainian flag

ENGin is not a political organization, and this isn't politics. We just want to live. And we cannot live without continued aid from the United States. I'm not sure where or how that message got lost between February 2022 and today. I'm not sure how the same people who grieved with us as photos from Mariupol, Bucha, and Irpin filled the headlines now turn away. But congressmen say they are getting more and more calls and emails asking them to stop supporting Ukraine.

As we have throughout the war, we will keep our heads down and continue to work and focus on our life-changing program. Today, we're bringing you the usual dose of inspiration, important announcements, and opportunities. But if there are people in your life who, for whatever reason, don't understand why Ukrainians deserve US support, please consider inviting them to volunteer with our program. We'd love to help them see that we are people just like them who want and deserve freedom, safety, and life.


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