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Your First Session


(1) Getting to Know You Questions

(2) Needs Analysis

(3) Goalsetting

NEW: Session Plans - Young Learners

Session Plans - Beginner Students

Session Plans - Intermediate and Advanced Students

*** You can use these session plans in any order ***

Supplementary Materials for Grammar / Formal Instruction

The ENGin program focuses on informal speaking practice, not structured lessons. However, if you and your student are interested in some formal instruction would be helpful, here are some optional supplementary materials for all levels from beginner to advanced. 


If you need help selecting and accessing materials, please contact us at info@enginprogram.org!

  • Raymond Murphy's English Grammar In Use workbook

  • Challenges Textbooks Series (Levels 1-4)

  • New Challenges Textbooks Series (Levels 1-4)

  • Enterprise Textbooks Series

  • Objective First Workbook

  • Real Life Intermediate and Upper Intermediate Workbooks