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ENGin Community Business Directory 

On this page, we have created a business directory from the ENGin community. In this way, we want to support our students and the economy of Ukraine as a whole.

Please note: The below are not ENGin programs - please get in touch with the contacts listed with any questions. ENGin is not responsible for the quality of the goods and services in the directory.


(1) What: Branding & Logo Design, Corporate identity, Packaging and Label Design, Print & Layout Design (Brochure, Menu, Catalog, Book Cover, Digipak & CD Cover, Poster, Flyer etc.), Presentation design, T-shirt design, Social Media Kit Design (Facebook post & cover, Twitter header, YouTube background, Instagram post & stories, LinkedIn etc.), Outdoor advertising. Work as a freelance designer.

Who offers this opportunity:  Lana Heraskina 

Questions? Contact by email at, or on Instagram

(2) What:  Graphic Design, Motion Graphic design assets. E-commerce product listing page design. Selection of works.

Who offers this opportunity:  Bohdan Heraschenko

Questions? Contact by email at, or on LinkedIn


(3) What: Original paintings that can complement your home and add to your personal space. I work with a non-traditional technique called grating (mixing oil pastels with different kinds of paints). 

Worldwide shipping is available, and I always care about the packaging. Photos and pricing at the link.

Who offers this opportunity: Alina Evdoschenko

Questions? Contact by email at


(4) What: Free group classes of the Ukrainian language and culture for international students. Register here.

Who offers this opportunity: Oksana Riabets

Questions? Contact by email at



(5) What: Expert in frontend development with a specialization in JavaScript, React.js, Redux, GraphQL, and Rest API. Offering comprehensive solutions for fully responsive frontends on a freelance basis.

Who offers this opportunity: Kseniia Pidopryhora

Questions? Contact by email at, or on LinkedIn, TelegramPortfolio


(6) What: Short videos to order for different needs and topics (narrative videos, intro commercials, etc.) The package of possibilities includes video editing and filming.

Who offers this opportunity: Michael Bilden

Questions? Contact by email at


(7) What: An intellectual property lawyer in Ukraine (Kyiv). Area of specialization: trademarks, copyrights, contracts, and their protection.

Who offers this opportunity: Yuliia Yehorova

Questions? Contact by email at


(8) What: An educational and entertaining children's book. Short poems use mnemonics to help kids learn the basic rules of English pronunciation and to begin building an English vocabulary.  Lively, humorous verses accompanied by bright, vivid illustrations will make the learning process easy and fun.  Book is in Ukrainian, no prior English knowledge needed. Buy here - all proceeds donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Who offers this opportunity: Katerina Manoff and Igor Semida

Questions? Contact by email at


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