Handbook for Current Volunteers

  Volunteer Hours                


We can provide any needed documentation for your volunteer hours. To do so, we need 2 things from you. First - begin tracking your hours on the below template as soon as you begin volunteering with us. Second - submit a service hours request form every time you need something from us. Please give us 7 days for each verification!


This video explains exactly how to get your hours verified - all needed links are below:  

(1) Volunteer supervisor: 

Yana Voloshyna

Program Manager


1 (203) 903-8709


(2) Hours tracker - if you will need ENGin to verify your community service hours at any time, fill this out starting on your first day:

Hours tracking template

Please make a copy of the file, and rename it with your first and last name. Then, share your file with info@enginprogram.org. Do this as soon as you start volunteering with us.


Every time you complete a session, you will record the date, the number of hours, the name of the student you worked with, and optionally, a brief description of the session.

(3) Service hours request - fill out when you are ready for us to verify your hours. This includes all verification requests, even those that will come from your school or employer.

Make a service hours request

We can provide you with our own hours confirmation document, which looks like this: sample ENGin form. You can also upload a form for us to sign. Or, if your school needs to send the form or online verification request directly to us, that’s fine to.