Measuring Impact: Assessment and Evaluation

ENGin Assessment and Evaluation is a team of people who work to ensure that ENGin does help our students to improve their English. 


What do we do?

  • we maintain and develop the elements of ENGin Standardized Speaking Proficiency Assessment (SSPA);

  • we conduct and oversee the training of assessment interviewers;

  • we conduct and oversee the training of evaluators;

  • we conduct research on relevant language testing practices;

  • and so we measure the impact of ENGin.


SSPA is the assessment which select students at ENGin undergo, and which helps us to measure students’ progress. We also use the statistics we obtain to improve ENGin. Thus, we usually assess students two times: when they come to ENGin and when they leave. 


ENGin SSPA (Standardized Speaking Proficiency Assessment) is intended to measure  student’s ability to communicate in English across five subscales:

  • Vocabulary (lexical resource; sophistication and appropriateness of student’s vocabulary)

  • Grammar (grammatical resource; complexity and accuracy of student’s grammar)

  • Fluency, Coherence and Development (ability to speak fluently and with clear organization)

  • Interactive Communication (ability to freely interact with English language speakers)

  • Pronunciation (clarity of articulation of various sounds of English, accuracy of intonation and stress)

We assess only the spoken performance of the student: their reading, writing, and listening skills are not measured.


Assessment Format

ENGin SSPA was not modelled after any particular test of English, and is a test in its own right, serving ENGin’s own distinct needs. The oral assessment is conducted as a roughly ten-minute one-on-one interview which consists of three tasks that require the speaker to

  • give basic information about themselves,

  • express opinions, 

  • participate in interactive communication. 


While the topics which the students are asked to talk about differ, the format is always the same. To learn how we evaluate a student's performance, visit the evaluation page.


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