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Supplemental Opportunities from
ENGin Volunteers

We invite you to check out additional learning opportunities offered to ENGin students by our volunteers and supporters! This list is regularly updated with new opportunities. 


Please note: these programs are NOT organized by ENGin - please contact the organizers with any questions. ENGin is not responsible for the content and quality of the opportunities shared here.

Speech & Debate

What: To help with English fluency, we will teach a basic form of debate called SPAR (“SPontaneous ARgumentation”), often seen in competition. In SPAR, two opponents give very short speeches (no longer than 2 minutes) to prove or disprove a specific topic, with a four minute cross-examination in between. Students will learn the basic SPAR structure, practice with each other, and earn valuable communication skills!


For whom: B1 or above is the right level, since a solid foundation is necessary to start practicing. People interested should be able to devote forty-five minutes a week.* The minimum age requirement is ten, simply because the program is not as compatible with younger learners. No experience or skills in debate/public speaking is necessary (we will teach you from scratch). Students only have to be interested in learning SPAR and in learning more about a wide range of subjects.


When: The program will be 45 minutes a week.* It will be held from 7:00 PM to 7:45 PM Kyiv time on Sunday. The program is regular, so sessions will occur every week.


Maximum capacity: We usually give instruction as one large group, so there is no upper limit.


Who offers this opportunity: Our teachers are high school students. Nevertheless, they have personally coached four competitive speech and debate teams and hold several state and national titles in parliamentary debate, SPAR, extemporaneous speaking, and impromptu. The organization itself is very new (since August 2022), so we aren’t very large. We are used to larger classes, but our format (which is lecture-and-practice based) is adjustable to any number of learners.


How to sign up: Email with your name, grade level, and approximate English proficiency, and we will set up a quick Zoom meeting to convey more info. Alternatively, fill out this form.


Questions? Sarah Lehman

Get Help Applying to University in the US

What: Big Buddies is an online volunteering community that brings free college consulting to students by connecting high school students with university students to ask questions on the college applications process via email and blog posts. Our website is

For whom: Any student who applying to university in the US!  The platform is open for anyone to ask questions and to use the resources available. Remember when you send your email question to a Big Buddy, CC and then click HERE to fill out the feedback form once you are done with your Big Buddies experience.  


When: Anytime.

Maximum capacity: Open to all, response may take a few business days. 


Who offers this opportunity: Everyone on the Big Buddies team is past or present University student who has experience with the college applications process, simply click read bio on any of our Big Buddies to read their profile. This is a program where students are helping students. We are partners with Brown University Swearer Center, however we are not affiliated with a university.

Questions? Email Ilai Amar

Mini Meditations for Ukrainian Children

What: This is a series of short, 5-minute meditations developed by Tara Segree and mindfulness specialist in Baltimore with 20 years' experience. The purpose of these meditation and mindful breathing exercises is to help bring a sense of calm to children who have experienced trauma or are under stress and looking for simple, free and effective solutions that help manage their anxiety.


For whom: Mini Meditations is for Ukrainian students of all children from ages 6+ and higher.


When: The meditations can be accessed anytime.


How to sign up:  Mini Meditations is available on the website as well as on YouTube, and all major podcasting platforms.  


Maximum capacity: Mini Meditations for Kids can support all students.


Who offers this opportunity: Mini Meditations is produced in collaboration with an award-winning children’s media company and with Tara Segree, a specialist educator and meditation instructor with 17+ years of experience in education and mental health.


Questions? Email Sep Riahi

Foreign Exchange Session

What: A live virtual session to learn new skills (i.e. coding, public speaking, etc.) from high school students in the U.S. These group meetings will focus on skill-building workshops to promote discussion and foster international friendships. Each workshop will focus on a new skill and will also feature different monthly themes based on student interest. Email Diya Nair at to sign up for sessions!

For whom: Open to 14-18-year-old Ukrainian students


When: At 9 PM Ukrainian time (30-45 minutes per session) from January to April 2023


Maximum capacity: Limited to 10 students 


Who offers this opportunity: Conducted by ENGin Ambassador Diya Nair and her club Project Building Bridges


Questions: Email Diya Nair at

Free Yoga Classes

What: A weekly 1 hour class of basic level Yoga, with minimal props. I teach with a focus of linking breath and body in movement and stillness. My classes begin with simple meditation and grounding, then we'll move into traditional yoga flows, that are accessible to all levels of yoga. The class will finish in Savansana , which is the final resting pose. The practice of Yoga is a beautiful way to regulate the nervous system, on and off of the mat. To sign up email at and she will provide a Zoom link.


For whom: Сlasses are open to all levels and experience. I usually like to teach adults and teens differently. If you have interest, from both, I could offer 2 separate classes. This is available to all  ENGin staff, volunteers and students. I would love to make this available to anyone who is interested, including families & friends of Engin participants. Some English proficiency would be helpful, and I will be on screen demonstrating and practicing throughout class.


When: Available every Saturday at 3:00 pm (Eastern European Time). 


Maximum capacity: 30 students per class would be good. 


Who offers this opportunity: Throughout my life, I have explored movement, ranging from yoga, somatics, barre, and dance. My deep connection with nature is an awareness practice, which is integrated into my movement and teaching style.  I encourage ease in the breath and body as they move in unity.  I believe intuition within our own bodies is one of our most trusted guides in yoga practice. I create a supportive environment where students can freely explore movement without judgment, while focusing attention on safe alignment for a sustainable and creative practice. Feel free to also visit website for more information.

Questions? Email Carrie Getz at 

Safety, Health, & Wellness Workshops by Med-ucate

What: Med-ucate educates people of all ages on how to respond in emergencies, injuries, and disasters. We will also teach about anatomy and physiology for students to get a better understanding of their bodies. We will cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from physical and mental disabilities/disorders to common illnesses and diseases. 


For whom:  There is no limit to age when it comes to education or learning something new. It is recommended that the participant has a basic proficiency in English. We encourage those who are interested in science and health to join. 


When:  9:00 AM PST - 10:00 AM PST (7:00 PM - 8:00 PM Kyiv Time) on Saturdays, 7 weeks. 


Maximum capacity: 15-20 students per session. 


How to sign up: Go there to sign up



Rachel Lee -

Anwita Gandesiri -

Sanjeev Sivaraman -

SuitUp Women's History Month College and Career Panel

What: SuitUp will be hosting its 1st Annual Women's History Month College & Career Panel to celebrate and honor the contributions of female-identifying professionals working in various industries. This 1-hour discussion  will feature female-identifying professionals in the SuitUp network who will share an empowering message for students to confidently strive to see themselves as leaders in the corporate world while creating communities that uplift all girls and women.

For whom: All ENGin Students 


When: Wednesday, March 29, 2023 from 1:00 to 2:00 PM EST on Zoom. You will be receiving the link a few days before the event. 


Who offers this opportunity: SuitUp is a 501(c)(3) education non-profit that increases career readiness for all students through innovative virtual and in-person business competitions. Through SuitUp, students experience solving a realistic corporate challenge, such as designing a new product for Nike. They work with corporate volunteers who coach them on marketing, design, financing, and strategy, before helping them pitch virtually to judges for a cash prize. By the end of the experience, students can see the corporate world as part of “their world” and know that job titles, such as CEO, CFO, VP of Marketing, etc. are now in their grasp. Since 2014, 14,000 students have participated in competitions. For this specific event, Nasdaq interns from across the globe will be volunteering to coach participants through the competition.


Questions? Email Dr. Sara Hill

SuitUp with Nasdaq Business Competition 

What: SuitUp with Nasdaq Business Competition - Students will be coached by Nasdaq volunteers on solving a real-world challenge. Each team will have the opportunity to pitch their idea to a panel of judges for a chance to win a cash prize


For whom: Participants must be in middle or high school ages 12-19 proficient in speaking and writing English and interest in learning about working in the financial services industry


When: Tuesday, July 11 from 8am - 10:30am EST or Wednesday, July 12 from 8 am - 10:30 am EST


Maximum capacity: 40


Who offers this opportunity: SuitUp is a 501(c)(3) education non-profit that increases career readiness for all students through innovative virtual and in-person business competitions. 


Questions? Email Dr. Sara Hill

Registration deadline: 27th April, 2023!

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