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ENGin Student Maria Smolyana: "ENGin has undoubtedly been a remarkable part of my educational journey."

In just over a year, Maria Smolyana has undergone a profound transformation through her participation in the ENGin program. Initially drawn to ENGin to enhance her English proficiency, Maria soon discovered that the program offered much more than just language improvement.

ENGin Student Maria Smolyana

As she reflects on her journey, Maria emphasizes the invaluable lessons she has learned about intercultural communication and its role in fostering connections across diverse backgrounds.

"Through ENGin, I've gained a profound appreciation for the importance of connecting with people from all walks of life," Maria reflects.

One of the highlights of Maria's experience has been the opportunity to interact with peers from around the globe, including two different buddies who provided unwavering support despite geographical distances.

"Despite being in different parts of the world, we found common ground and supported each other," Maria recalls. 

Maria's involvement in the ENGin program didn't stop at being a student; she also embraced the role of an ambassador, sharing her positive experiences with friends and peers. Additionally, Maria seized the opportunity to become a Ukrainian language tutor, offering foreigners a glimpse into Ukrainian culture.

"Teaching people eager to learn about Ukrainian culture gave me a deep sense of fulfillment," Maria shares.

Maria firmly believes that language serves as a direct representation of a nation, and she feels honored to have played a part in facilitating others' learning of Ukrainian.

As Maria's journey with ENGin continues, she wholeheartedly recommends the program to anyone seeking personal growth and learning opportunities. "ENGin has undoubtedly been a remarkable part of my educational journey," Maria concludes, highlighting the program's transformative impact on her life.


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