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Meet three generations of ENGin volunteers!

In a heartening tale spanning three generations, the ENGin volunteer program stands as a beacon of connection and empowerment. Liz, Carole, and Kathy each found their way to ENGin through different avenues, yet their experiences share a common thread of joy, impact, and the transformative power of volunteering.

ENGin volunteers Liz, Carole, and Kathy

Liz discovered ENGin through a friend in Boston while exploring volunteer opportunities. For her, ENGin was the perfect fit—a chance to make a difference in others' lives while balancing her busy schedule. Little did she know, the impact would be reciprocal. ENGin became a highlight of her week, offering not just language exchange but also lasting friendships and invaluable skills for her future.

"I really value the connections that I have gained from ENGin, and the social, interpersonal, and language skills I have gained from volunteering are helping me prepare for my future."

Carole, Liz's mother, joined ENGin after witnessing her daughter's positive experiences. She found the onboarding process smooth and appreciated the emphasis on safety and training. Now, she delights in her weekly meetings with her buddy, sharing culture, movies, and laughter while witnessing her friend's growing fluency in English.

“The onboarding process was very easy and organized. The steps to follow were clear and there were different options to complete the required training. I appreciated the fact that the brief training was required, not only because I learned a lot from them, but also because it demonstrated that this organization is dedicated to safe and legitimate matching of volunteers and students."

Kathy, Carole's mother, was inspired by her daughter's stories and decided to join ENGin, despite initial doubts about her age. Through the program, she found a meaningful way to support Ukraine while forming a deep connection with her young buddy. Week by week, they share stories, laughter, and knowledge, proving that age is no barrier to making a difference.

"I was matched with a wonderful young woman who seems happy to meet with me every week. Week by week we’ve become more comfortable with each other, sharing our family experiences and stories. My buddy puts a lot of effort into our meetings, coming up with topics to discuss and ideas for sharing information. I look forward to our weekly meetings and I am grateful for the opportunity to help Ukraine, even if only in this small way.”

Join ENGin as a volunteer and be part of this multi-generational journey of connection and impact. Share the gift of language and friendship in your community. Together, we can make a difference, one conversation at a time. 


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