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Transformative Language Learning: Yana Shatruk's Journey of Growth, Friendship, and Opportunity thro

Looking for an inspiring story about personal growth and international friendships? Look no further than Yana Shatruk's unique ENGin experience!

ENGin student Yana Shatruk

When Yana joined the program, she never expected to find a lifelong friend in Nina Crouse, a Product Manager from Denver, Colorado. But the ENGin team proved to be the perfect matchmakers, connecting Yana with someone who shares her love of hiking, paddle boarding, and trying new restaurants.

Through their weekly conversations, Yana not only gained confidence in her English-speaking abilities, but she also discovered a kind and supportive friend who was always willing to lend a helping hand. When Nina learned that Yana was a teacher, she even offered to attend one of her lessons and help her students practice their English skills!

“Today I feel more confident when I speak English. Nina helps me understand the real meaning of the words. She is not a teacher or an educator but she can explain difficult topics very clearly. Nina is a supportive and polite person.”

In October, 2022, she had a job interview that was a success! Now she works

for an International company. She is convinced the volunteer gave her

the confidence to get a new job, and totally change her life.

Although Nina stopped participating in the ENGin program to travel the world, she and Yana still keep in touch and share their experiences. But Yana's journey didn't end there. She was paired with Emily, her second perfect match, who was also a teacher that shared Yana's love for pugs and working out in the gym.

Yana's ENGin story is proof that learning a new language can be a life-changing experience that opens doors to new opportunities and friendships that last

a lifetime.

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Jana is incredible as a person and a professional.

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