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Anastasia's ENGin Journey: Connecting Hearts and Cultures Through Language

ENGin student Anastasia Gorbenko

Meet Anastasia Gorbenko, a vibrant and determined student hailing from a small town in the Odessa region. Her journey began in February when she stumbled upon the ENGin page on Instagram. Little did she know that this chance encounter would shape her life in ways she never imagined.

"I registered without knowing what awaited me and how it worked," Anastasia shares, reflecting on her initial steps into the ENGin community. But fate had something special in store for her. Soon after, she crossed paths with her speaking buddy, Hadrien, and their weekly meetings became a pivotal part of her growth.

"At first, I was extremely nervous. I was afraid of making mistakes and being unclear," Anastasia confesses.

However, as time passed, everything changed. Anastasia's apprehensions melted away, replaced by an unbridled enthusiasm for their conversations. The bond between Anastasia and Hadrien transcended language learning; they discovered shared interests and experiences, unveiling a newfound connection that brought them closer.

With every meeting, Anastasia and Hadrien embark on a journey of discovery, unearthing something new each time. Encouraged by their interactions, Anastasia even takes the initiative to prepare interesting information for Hadrien, relishing the joy of sharing something unique.

Motivated by her ENGin experience, Anastasia has immersed herself in English learning like never before. Books and movies are now consumed exclusively in English, allowing her to understand Hadrien better and maintain engaging conversations.

"ENGin has shown me that anything is possible with dedication and the right support. Don't be afraid to take that leap of faith – you never know where it might lead you!"


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