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Bridging Continents: The Inspiring Journey of Kateryna and Xavier, United by Friendship and Learning

ENGin studdent Kateryna and volunteer Xavier with Ukrainian embroidery

Meet Kateryna and Xavier, an incredible duo bridging the gap between continents! Kateryna, a talented communication manager from Kyiv, and Xavier, a brilliant biologist from New York, have forged a remarkable bond through their shared passion for learning and friendship.

Their journey began in April 2022, and they've been inseparable ever since! From fascinating conversations that delve into every topic under the sun, indulging in TED talks galore, these two even joke about crafting their inspiring speeches for the program!

Xavier's patience and support have been instrumental in Kateryna's English language growth, fostering an environment where making mistakes is embraced and knowledge flourishes! And get this – Xavier is mastering Ukrainian too!

Finally, their long-awaited meetup materialized in picturesque Portugal in May 2023, almost a year after their first call! Experiencing their friendship offline was an absolute joy – it felt like they had known each other forever! They explored, laughed, and Kateryna gifted Xavier a beautiful vyshyvanka, which he adored!

Their adventures continue as Xavier eagerly plans to visit Ukraine after victory! Kateryna is excited to showcase her country's freedom and independence to her dear friend.

"I wanted to say that I’m extremely grateful to this program and everyone doing it. It is such a cool opportunity for Ukrainians to develop speaking skills in English, find a new friend from another country, and have some mental support, which is crucial now. I would like to say to everyone who hesitates to join ENGin or not: “Of course, join!”. I already recommend it to all my friends " said Kateryna.



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