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Helping Ukraine Speak to the World

The Power Of Conversation



ENGin is a nonprofit organization changing the world one conversation at a time. We connect English-speaking volunteers age 13+ with motivated young Ukrainians aged 9 to 35 for online speaking practice and cross-cultural exchange.

Through simple weekly videochat conversations, our volunteers make a huge impact - helping young people break the language barrier, offering friendship and emotional support, and introducing them to a new culture. 

Engin student and a volunteer together meeting


We help Ukrainian youth connect with the global community by empowering them to speak fluent, conversational English. Our work breaks down borders to catalyze Ukraine’s postwar reconstruction and longer-term economic and social development. 


Our one-of-a-kind model is human-centered, personalized, and authentic. Through 1-on-1 conversation, we facilitate mutually beneficial relationships between students and volunteers, creating a virtuous cycle of growth and understanding. And by doing this at unprecedented scale -  40,000 participants and counting - we’re bridging cultures and fostering a more interconnected, empathetic world.


ENGin pairs Ukrainian youth with volunteers from around the world to conduct weekly online speaking sessions. We screen every learner and volunteer to ensure their fit for the program, and provide training and orientation.


Participants are matched 1-on-1 based on preferences, interests, and availability to ensure an effective and mutually enjoyable communication experience. After a match is made, ENGin supports learners and volunteers throughout their participation in the program with tips, resources, and problem resolution.

Engin student and a volunteer together meeting


ENGIn Impact Numbers


Since I joined ENGin, I've changed my life. I've become more self-assured and actually started improving my English knowledge. Apart from boosting my confidence and English speaking skills, I am learning to communicate with people of different nationalities, opinions, and cultures. English listening skills too, a section Ukrainian students especially struggle with. 

Alexandra, ENGin Student


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