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Enhancing Learning with ENGin: A Comprehensive Guide to Educational Resources

Starting a language journey with ENGin goes beyond conventional language instruction. Creating a comprehensive learning experience is more important as a volunteer than just providing one-on-one tutoring for Ukrainian students struggling with the complexities of English. Every resource has the power to turn language learning into an exciting and captivating adventure, from reliable websites like BBC Learning English to lively YouTube channels like Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell. Come explore with me these amazing sources, where learning serves as an inspiration for cultural and personal development.

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Websites and Mobile Applications

BBC Learning English, a linguistic haven, offers a wealth of resources. Engaging courses cater to diverse proficiency levels, complemented by pronunciation and vocabulary videos. Varied grammar lessons, spanning easy to hard, ensure a tailored learning experience. Quizzes reinforce understanding, while the famed "6 Minute English" videos provide bite-sized linguistic delights, making learning both informative and enjoyable.

engVid stands as a versatile language haven, boasting an array of videos by expert teachers catering to all levels, from beginners to advanced learners. Dive into a plethora of resources covering topics like punctuation, common abbreviations, proverbs, and business English collocations. EngVid ensures an enriching and varied learning journey for every English enthusiast.

VoA Learning English is another language-learning gem, offering immersive news experiences. Beyond watching the news, it provides podcast features, enhancing listening skills with native speakers. They combine news updates with language practice, offering programs that span basic to advanced topics, making it a comprehensive tool for English proficiency.

An all-time favorite, Duolingo is still the go-to app for language learning. Duolingo is like a friendly language buddy in your pocket. It turns learning into a game, making it super easy for anyone from kids to grown-ups. With fun lessons and challenges, Duolingo helps you learn languages in a way that feels like playing. Last but not least, The Duolingo English Test is now accepted by 4500+ universities globally and more are joining every day. Plus, you can send your results to as many as you want for free. Duolingo is not just a game; it is your ticket to academic success!

YouTube Channels for Interactive Learning

BBC Ideas fuels critical thinking with thought-provoking content. Volunteers can use this channel to stimulate discussions and expand students' perspectives.

The YouTube extension of BBC Learning English broadens accessibility, offering additional resources to reinforce lessons from the platform.

In these videos, they will choose various topics to talk about in 6 minutes and every time you will learn 6 new words or phrases. My personal favorite is their “BOX SETs.” For example, "Food English mega-class!," "Dating and Relationships English mega-class!," "Green issues English mega-class!" and so on.

For students keen on business-related topics, Business Insider's channel serves as a valuable resource, enriching vocabulary and promoting industry-specific language skills.

Financial Times caters to learners with a penchant for finance and economics. The channel ensures students acquire language skills relevant to their interests.

Immerse students in historical narratives with HISTORY's YouTube channel, fostering language learning through captivating storytelling.

Insider Science provides a gateway to scientific discussions, enabling students to explore technical vocabulary and engage in conversations about science-related topics.

For a dose of curiosity, the Interesting Facts channel presents engaging content that not only fascinates but also builds a diverse vocabulary.

Joe Scott's channel blends education with entertainment, making it an ideal choice for students looking to learn while having fun.

Jubilee's casual content serves as a refreshing break, offering opportunities for informal speaking and listening practice.

Important note: Their content is intended primarily for adult students.

Kurzgesagt simplifies complex topics with captivating animations. My personal favorite from years ago, making learning enjoyable and understandable.

Everybody knows and loves Ted Talks! But have you ever heard about TED-Ed? TED-Ed's dynamic lessons bring ideas to life. A longtime favorite that fueled my English learning journey with inspiration and insight.

Big Think offers profound discussions. A go-to resource during my English learning days, sparking curiosity and expanding my perspectives.

Inject humor into learning with Ryan George's channel, creating an enjoyable atmosphere for students and volunteers alike.

Catering to science enthusiasts, Science Channel provides engaging content for language practice within a scientific context.

Again, one of my favorites! The Infographics Show combines visuals and information, offering a unique and effective way to expand vocabulary and comprehension.

Voice of America's short videos are perfect for quick language reinforcement, serving as a valuable addition to ENGin sessions.

Vox provides in-depth explanations on various subjects, making complex issues understandable. A reliable source for staying informed and enhancing language skills through clear and engaging content.

The “What If” YouTube channel remains my all-time favorite from my English learning days. Delving into surreal themes and imaginary scenarios, they satisfy our curiosity by asking the most important question: “What if this happens?”

News Channels for Current Affairs:

Lastly, stay informed with news channels in English, such as BBC, CNN, The Economist, and Al Jazeera English. Incorporating news content into sessions enhances comprehension and keeps students abreast of global affairs.

ENGin volunteers can create a dynamic and immersive learning environment by integrating these resources, fostering language proficiency and a genuine passion for diverse subjects. Let the collaborative journey of language learning continue with ENGin!


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