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An ENGin Connection: Viktoriia and Madison's European Meetup

Two years ago, Viktoriia Dryha hesitated to step out of her comfort zone. Faced with the fear of trying something new, she almost let her low English proficiency and awkward pronunciation deter her from applying for the ENGin program. However, Viktoriia's decision to take the plunge turned out to be one of the best choices she ever made.

ENGin student Viktoriia Dryha with her volunteer Madison met in Italy

Through the ENGin program, Viktoriia found not just a language buddy but an extraordinary friend named Madison. The initial hesitation and fear gave way to a blossoming friendship that transcended geographical boundaries and language barriers. Viktoriia expresses her gratitude:

"I was matched with one amazing girl who helped me boost my English and confidence as well. Over time, our communication turned into real, solid friendships."

Despite being separated by thousands of kilometers, Viktoriia and Madison's friendship evolved beyond virtual conversations. Fate intervened as Madison came to Italy as an exchange student, and Viktoriia, studying in France, saw this as an opportunity to meet in person.

Recalling the joyous reunion, Viktoriia shares, "I've decided that we definitely should meet each other somewhere in Europe. On my vacation, I fled to Italy to meet my dear friend. Our first meeting brought us so much pleasure and satisfaction, but the second day's meeting was even better."

The two friends explored museums, exchanged thoughts, and, in the spirit of cultural exchange, decided to cook something traditional. Viktoriia excitedly recounts, "Madison came up with a brilliant idea to cook something traditional, and I proposed to make the Ukrainian borscht. We were completely immersed in the process of cooking and communication."

ENGin student Viktoriia Dryha with her volunteer Madison visited Italian museum and cooked Ukrainian borsch

The ENGin program not only bridged the gap between two individuals but also connected their hearts across borders. Viktoriia expresses her gratitude:

"By now, I can say that these two days were the best of my vacation. Thanks to the ENG program, I have not only a buddy to practice my language but even more, now I have a real friend."

Reflecting on these two remarkable days, Viktoriia declares, "Thanks to the ENG program, I have not only a buddy to practice my language but even more, now I have a real friend." The story serves as a testament to the transformative power of the ENGin program, showcasing that what may seem challenging at first glance is undeniably worth the effort.

In Viktoriia's encouraging words, "I wish for everyone to try this program. Despite the fact that it could seem challenging at first glance, it's definitely worth it) Moreover, life can change in one moment, just act:)"

Join the ENGin Movement: Transform Lives, Forge Friendships!

Viktoriia's journey with ENGin stands as a testament to the program's ability to foster not only language development but also genuine connections and lifelong friendships. As her story illustrates, sometimes all it takes is one bold decision to open the door to transformative experiences and enduring relationships.

How You Can Make a Difference:

Volunteer with ENGin: Become a part of this life-changing program by volunteering your time and skills. Help students like Viktoriia overcome language barriers and build lasting connections.

Support ENGin: Your support can make a world of difference. Contribute to the program's initiatives, ensuring that more individuals have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of ENGin.

Embark on a journey of impact and friendship — join ENGin today!


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