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Bridging Hearts and Cultures: The Inspiring Friendship of Keith Henry and Marina Loboda

ENGin volunteer Keith Henry and student Marina Loboda stand near sea in Lisbon

Check out Keith Henry's heartwarming story of connecting with his student, Marina Loboda, through the ENGin program!

“It was perhaps an unusual match – a mid-sixties American man and a young Ukrainian woman – but we became fast friends,” said Keith.

Despite their age and cultural differences, Keith and Marina quickly became great friends while working together for over a year. Their weekly conversations were filled with laughter and learning, as they explored everything from slang to

modal verbs in English.

Recently, Marina had the chance to travel to Lisbon, Portugal, where Keith was also on vacation. Without hesitation, they planned to meet up, and spent

a wonderful afternoon in Cascais, soaking up the beautiful views and enjoying some traditional Portuguese food. It was a truly special moment they both cherish.

It's amazing to see how volunteering can bring people from different walks of life together, and create meaningful connections! Keith and Marina's friendship is proof that age, language, and nationality are just numbers when it comes to building lasting relationships.



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