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Dedication Amidst Adversity: Serhii Yatsuk's Inspiring Journey of Learning English

We’re proud to share a story about another ENGin student, Serhii Yatsuk. Serhii has been involved in our program for only three months, but he has already tested his determination to study English because of the power outages in Ukraine.

ENGin student Serhii Yatsuk with his cat

Serhii’s first meeting with his English-speaking buddy, Chris, had to be rescheduled for four days in a row due to the constantly changing power schedule in Ukraine. Serhii came up with a plan that Chris was eager

to share with us:

“Serhii suggested we hold weekly sessions at 1 AM, Ukraine time since he has a battery backup and the cellular network would be less congested at that time, so we could use it for Zoom calls.”

Chris believes that the fact that Serhii commits to learning English at 1 AM indicates an impressive level of dedication. Since November 25th, they have

been meeting every week at the same time.

However, Serhii believes that the support from his buddy has played a major

role in his experience.

“Chris helped a lot by being flexible with time. War became a part of our lives, and this is terrible. I have no words to say how much. During these hard times, it's good just to have someone to talk to. And Chris is one of those people who inspires my hope in humanity as there are people who care and will help me when I’m in trouble,” says Serhii.

Because of their shared passion for computer programming, these ENGin buddies sometimes lose track of time and make sessions longer than planned

as they enjoy discussing their shared interests. As of today, Serhii continues his journey to improve his English despite the obstacles presented by the war.


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